3 Hotels With Lake Toba View

3 Hotels With Lake Toba View

Bintantravel.com –  There at least 3 hotels with Lake Toba view. Karo Land does have many volcanoes. This is what makes the land fertile and beautiful. It is natural beauty is also very worthy of being a favorite tourist destination. One of them is Lake Toba. This Tekto-volcanic lake has a length of about 100 kilometers and a width of 30 kilometers wide. Thats why Lake Toba also the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Surrounded by mountains, and the clear waters of the lake provide a pleasant atmosphere. And where there are ants there is sugar, where there are beautiful places there are many hotels.

And here is Hotels With Lake Toba View reference for those of you who want to take a trip to Lake Toba:

Taman Simalem Resort

Taman Simalem Resort is at an altitude of 3000m above sea level, although it still takes about 4 hours from the airport, but Simalem Resort is located in a very strategic place to see the beauty of Lake Toba from a height. This  Resort is not right next to Lake Toba. But the view is not inferior to other hotels around Lake Toba. Besides that, Simalem Resort is also built with very complete and luxurious supporting facilities, starting from golf courses, cafes, waterfalls, outbound arenas, fishing ponds, trekking forests, flower gardens and organic plants, the principal is guaranteed complete because of so many things to do here.

If you stay here, make sure you choose a room facing Lake Toba, and don’t forget to wake up early, Boboers, because when sunsire view is really WOW! One more tip before visiting Taman Simalem Resort, make sure it’s not in the haze season. Because you know that each year the Sumatra and Kalimantan regions are always smoked.

Rate Taman Simalem Resort starts from IDR. 2,000,000, but this price is really worth it because of the scenery presented, as well as friendly staff and complete facilities. And this price also includes breakfast and dinner. For tourists who do not stay overnight, they can also enter Taman Simalem Resort, the HTM is IDR 250,000 for one car.

We have a Lake toba tour package for you and your family. Bintan Travel is our best travel experience and trusted in Medan. Please contact the following number +62 819 828 117 to order other information packages. The nex is Toledoo Inn hotel you can look.

Toledo Inn

Ah, it seems that all the hotels in Lake Toba are beautiful! For Bocan because of the price of Simalem Park, it turns out there are still other beautiful hotels at prices that don’t make a headache: Toledo In is on the island of Samosir and right on the shores of Lake Toba, cool weather without the need for air conditioning, views of the lake from the front of the rooms, all perfect!

The overnight rate at Toledo In starting from IDR 400K is really affordable right 😀 Besides that, Toledo In has also provided a safe limit on the edge of the lake so that Boboers can calmly swim in Lake Toba, it’s exciting.

How much are you curious? looking for the price of this hotel is pretty hard, already checked on Agoda, Traveloka, Tripadvisor doesn’t mention the price. Bocan finally found the price of a room in Toledo In from one of the Malaysian blogs the price was over Rp.100 per night, if it was around IDR 380,000, but that was the 2012 price, well maybe now it went up to IDR Maybe 400k or 500k. Reservations can only be made by telephone at (0625) 451006.

Carolina Hotel

Carolina is located on the island of Samosir too, and its location is also right next to the lake. If the location is near the lake, guarantee the best view can Boboers enjoy from this hotel 😀 The shape of the building uses a traditional Batak design with a distinctive roof.

The overnight rate in Carolina is also very affordable. Carolina Hotel also provides car, bus, boat rental for the needs of beautiful Boboers. Other facilities in this hotel include laundry, restaurant, motorbike, canoeing, and money changers.

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