5 Reasons Why Using A Travel Agent

5 Reasons Why Using A Travel Agent

Bintantravel.com – Many people want to know why using a travel agent? Travel are still an option for many people who want their trips planned in such a way as to be more appropriate and maximal.

But for some people, entrusting travel agents to organize travel is also considered important. Because with the many offers of types and levels of transportation and accommodation rates. Planning a trip often makes a headache and takes a lot of time.

There are several reasons why someone needs to use a travel agent to organize their trip, especially saving time and money.

Here are 5 reasons why using a travel agent.

1. Get Special Services

The first thing that a travel agent would certainly give is a special service. Travel agents not only sell airline tickets and lodging. But also can provide consultation about destinations and other things about travel.

For example, someone wants to buy a plane ticket to Asia, but he must stop at several destinations. Of course you can just buy directly online. But by consulting a travel agent, the travel agent can propose routes that should be taken.

In addition, travel agents can also help compare airlines. For example, what are the differences between airlines and other airlines. Then which ones are best suited to customer needs.

So, there is more service for customers regarding the whole trip itself. Regardless of what is purchased, only airline tickets or lodging.

Customers will be assisted in choosing the best according to their needs at the best price. This can also save money and time.

2. Consultation Regarding Points of Interest

Because it is tempted by cheap ticket prices, people often buy it impulsively. But this is not equipped with knowledge of going anywhere in the destination. If you are not well informed, you might even be more wasteful when you arrive at your destination.

By using a travel agent, they will provide recommendations to customers. For example what are the goals when arriving there, how long, and how much it will cost. Each person will have different recommendations, because their needs are different.

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3. Helping If Travel Is Canceled

When going to travel, sometimes conditions occur which do not allow those who have to cancel the trip. Usually, tickets and hotels that have been bought are forfeited. Money cannot be returned.

For some conditions, if you buy it at a travel agent, airline tickets and hotels can be delayed or money returned.

Usually if money is returned, there will be a cancellation fee. Or you can choose another option, namely a travel schedule replacement. This does not apply if the customer purchases a promo ticket. That is why using a travel agent is more better.

4. Cheaper Accommodation Prices

Usually, travel agents already have their own suppliers for lodging. The supplier usually has “bought” a large number of hotel rooms so that the price is cheaper than the general price.

So, customers who book lodging in a travel agent will usually get cheaper room rates. In addition, if the customer suddenly changes the lodging schedule, the travel agent can help, for example, change the schedule.

5. Traveling Together So Cheaper

The last reaseons why using a travel agent is vacationing with friends, family, or loved ones is certainly more fun. Well, travel agents usually provide all-in tour packages.

With this package, you and your entourage have already got plane tickets and accommodation. Of course the price is cheaper than the road itself.

If you intend to vacation together in a group, then travel agents can help you to get the best travel price.

In addition, another thing that is not less important is that you must ensure that the travel agent is professional and competent like Bintan Travel. Bintan Travel is one of best travel agent in Medan that you can book. More option of tour package you can call here  +62 819 828 117

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