5D4N Medan Bukit Lawang Berastagi Lake Toba Tour

5D4N Medan Bukit Lawang Berastagi Lake Toba Tour

5D4N Medan Bukit Lawang Berastagi Lake Toba Tour 1N Bukit lawang, 1N Berastagi, 1N Parapat, 1N in Medan. As Medan city is the third largest city after Jakarta and Surabaya in Indonesia. One of the famous and favourite tourist destinations is North sumatra. As a capital city of this province, Medan has an international airport named Kuala namu. This is the main gate to enter North sumatra. Many places can be visited and enjoy during your holidays on.

Way to visit to Lake Toba attractions, Bukit Lawang and also Tangkahan start from Kuala namu. Takes 3 hours more and less by van or bus. Bukit lawang a destination  which is known as a rehabilitation site for Sumatran Orangutans in the wild.

5D4N Medan Bukit lawang Berastagi Lake toba tour is offering the best tourist destinations in North Sumatra that is always crowded visiting by tourists, especially tourists from abroad. The tourists visit to Bukit Lawang, this tour package also offers other best tourist visits such as Medan tourist attractions, Berastagi, Taman Simalem Resort, Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung, Lake Toba and Samosir island as a place of tourist attractions.

Offering Cheap Price Medan Bukit Lawang Tour Package 5D4N

This best tour will be held for five days, starting from the pickup at Kualanamu Deli Serdang Airport then going to Medan City and continuing to Bukit Lawang. Overnight at Bukit Lawang Langkat hotel one night, one night at Berastagi hotel, one night at Parapat hotel and one night at Medan hotel. What the tour program looks like, here we explain below:

Below is the Itynerary 5D4N Medan Bukit Lawang Berastagi Lake Toba Tour


When you arrive at the door of the arrival of Kulanamu Airport you will be greeted by our representative “HORAS MEDAN”. Next leave for Medan City. Arriving at Medan city tour visit Maimun Palace, Medan Grand Mosque, Sri Mariaman Temple and Timur Timur Temple. After completion, then head to a local restaurant to carry out lunch (halal food).

Finished lunch then we continue our 5D4N Medan Bukit Lawang Berastagi Lake Toba Tour and left for Bukit Lawang. The trip will be taken for 3 hours by crossing rubber and oil palm plantations. It is estimated that by late evening we will arrive at Bukit Lawang Bahorok. Arriving at Bukit Lawang then head to the hotel for the check in and dinner process. Finish dinner break and free program by your own.


Take breakfast at the hotel restaurant, we will invite you to see the Sumatran Orang Utan feeding activity by tracing the edge of the Bahorok forest. After finishing, then go back to the hotel. We can do a Tubing during way back about 30 minutes. Then ready for check out and lunch process. After lunch, the journey continues towards Berastagi. The journey to Berastagi will be taken for 4 hours by crossing winding roads.

Arriving at Berastagi still in 5D4N Medan Bukit Lawang Berastagi Lake Toba Tour. We will stop by for a moment to see the Swedagon Pagoda at Lumbini Berastagi Park. Next, go to the hotel. Arriving at the hotel the process of checking in and taking a short break until dinner time arrived. Your dinner will be served at a local restaurant or hotel restaurant. Finish dinner break and free programme. Enjoy a lovely cold air.


After breakfast at the hotel and the check out process, then tour the Gundailing Hill to see the beautiful scenery of Berastagi City. From the top of Gunailing Hill you can also see Mount Sinabung and Siabayak from a 7km radius. Then head to the Fruit Market to see a variety of flowers, vegetables and fresh fruits at traditional market.

After completion, then leave for Taman Simalam Resort via Kabanjahe. Arriving at Taman Simalem Resort, we will invite you to tour around seeing organic plantations, the process of compounding premium Sidikalang coffee and seeing the landscape of Lake Toba stretches from the north side. Next to the resort restaurant to carry out lunch (halal food).

After lunch, the journey continues towards Parapat Lake Toba via Simarjarunjung. This trip is about four hours by crossing winding and hilly roads. During the trip we will stop at some of the best tourist attractions such as the Sipiso-piso Waterfall tourist attraction, and Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung to enjoy Simalungun’s ginger tea and fried banana ( personnal ). It is usually in  afternoon we will arrive at Parapat Lake Toba.

Arriving at Parapat then go directly to the hotel for the check-in baggage process and resting until dinner time arrives. Your dinner will be served at the hotel restaurant while enjoying traditional Batak music. Finish eating the next night resting and free program.


After finish breakfast at the restaurant, check out the hotel then head to the port of Parapat to make the process of crossing towards Samosir Island. The crossing process will be arround one hour using a motorboat. Arriving at Samosir then headed for Tomok Village, there we will uncover the mystery of King Sidabutar’s Tomb and the legend of the beautiful princess Melala Earrings.

After finishing, then see the Sigale-gale dance performance (personal exspense). The dance is one of the traditional dances of the Batak tribe in Samosir. Sigale – gale is a wooden doll that can dance to the accompaniment of traditional batak music. Next, hunt for cheap souvenirs at Tomok Traditional Market.

Finish hunting for cheap souvenirs and then return to the ship for the crossing process to Parapat. Arriving in Parapat, head directly to a local restaurant for lunch. After lunch, the journey continues towards Medan via Siantar. The journey to Medan is about 4 hours by crossing rubber plantations.

Arriving at Siantar, we will stop for a moment at the Patent Shop, there you can buy various unique Siantar souvenirs such as tengteng, tangtang , tingting, pang pang and so on. After finishing the trip, continue to Medan. It is estimated that by evening we will arrive in Medan. After arriving, then head to a local restaurant for dinner (halal food). Next 5D4N Medan Bukit Lawang Berastagi Lake Toba Tour. We will deliver you to Kedai Ucok or Kedai Bolang to enjoy the delicious durian of Medan ( personal exspense ).

After eating durian then leave for the hotel. During the trip to the hotel, we will go around for a while to enjoy the atmosphere of the night of the city of Medan, like going around the Merdeka Walk, Kesawan and Post Office. Arriving at the hotel then check in, rest and free program.


Last day of 5D4N Medan Bukit Lawang Berastagi Lake Toba Tour is after breakfast and the next hotel check-out process, we will take you to Noerlen’s house. There you will see the process of making original marqisa syrup using traditional equipment. After finishing, then hunt for souvenirs from Medan such as Bika Ambon, Bolu Meranti and Durian Pancake.

After all, then go to the airport. Arriving at Kulanamu Airport, then check in the baggage process. The tour was finished, until we met again with another 5 days 4 nights Medan Samosir Tour Package best rate.

  • The hotel accomodation 4 Nights twin sharing.
  • Meals according to the program.
  • Full AC transportation
  • Parapat – Samosir island ferry tickets / returned.
  • Friendly and professional driver / Tour guide
  • Entrances ticket
  • Parking
  • Mineral water of all days.
  • Flight ticket
  • Optional tour
  • Personal exspense
  • Tipping Driver / Tour guide.
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