6 Best Destinations In North Sumatra Besides Lake Toba

Bintantravel.com – Did you know there are at least 6 best destinations in North Sumatra besides Lake Toba. Indeed, almost everyone knows that Toba Lake is a destination in North Sumatra. Because indeed this very beautiful lake has been famous to foreign countries. That is why many tourists like to visit North Sumatra.

Here are 6 best destinations in North Sumatra besides Lake Toba, you can visit :
1. Sipiso – Piso Waterfall

Sipiso-piso Waterfall is located in the Tongging Village of Merek District, Karo. This waterfall offers a very beautiful natural charm, because it is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. With a 120 meter high shower, Sipiso-piso waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia.

If you want to go to Sipiso-piso Waterfall, you have to travel 35 km from Berastagi City which takes about 45 minutes from Medan City. The tourist route Sipiso-piso Waterfall is neatly arranged so that all types of motorized vehicles can pass safely. That’s why this waterfall became one of 6 best destinations in North Sumatra besides Lake Toba.

2. Nias Beach

Sorake Beach and Lagundri Beach are a must-visit destination for water sports lovers. Both of these beaches have been named the best surf spots in the world.

This reason that makes Sorake Beach and Monitor Lagundri is often used as the location of national and international surfing championships such as the Nias Open.

It is said that the position of this beach directly faces the Indian Ocean, resulting in waves that are high enough to reach 7-10 meters.

In general, surfers come around April to September. If you are interested in visiting Sorake and Lagundri Beach, you can go to South Nias Regency.

3. Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

The third of 6 best destinations in North Sumatra besides Lake Toba is Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center is a conservation site to preserve orangutans in Sumatra. Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre is located in the Gunung Leuser National Park area.

In this place you will experience new experiences and activities with orangutans. Not only that, you also learn about each of the unique habits carried out by orangutans.

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4. High King White Crater

Not only that, you also learn about each of the unique habits carried out by orangutans. If West Java has the White Crater Ciwidey, North Sumatra has the High King White Crater.

Tinggi Raja White Crater is an exotic natural tourism destination that you should not miss, because you can see a mix of lakes of green-blue hot water with white limestone hills.

To reach the High King White Crater you have to trek through a dense forest that is quite difficult to pass. But all these quite heavy trips will pay off in the beautiful panorama offered by the High Raja White Crater.

5. Tangkahan

One place for nature lovers from 6 best destinations in North Sumatra besides Lake Toba is Tangkahan. Tangkahan is a beautiful hidden paradise located in Langkat, North Sumatra.

Not only that, Tangkahan is also known as a place where elephants who have been trained have even become National Park patrol crew crews to oversee illegal activities that occur in Tangkahan National Park.

Here you can also bathe the elephant while listening to the gurgling of fresh river water surrounded by the surrounding trees and plants.

In this National Park Area there are also Tangkahan Bah Lip Lake and Tangkahan Waterfall which are no less beautiful.

6. Mursala Island

The last from of the best tourist 6 best destinations in North Sumatra besides Lake Toba is Musala Islan. This  was once the location of the Hollywood King Kong film. You must visit this island when you are visiting North Sumatra because it has extraordinary beauty to spoil your eyes.

The island, located in the Sibolga area, also has an iconic triangular prism-shaped waterfall with soft blue and white sand. On Mursala Island, you can swim and enjoy the refreshing sea water and see various adorable species of colorful fish.

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