7 Banda Aceh Tour Destinations You Should Visit

7 Banda Aceh Tour Destinations You Should Visit
– It is very easy to find Banda Aceh tour destinations in Banda because Banda Aceh is a capital city of Aceh province. You will also know tourist attractions that are very interesting. The Banda Aceh tour package is the right choice if you want to vacation in Banda Aceh with your family. Choose the Banda Aceh tour package with exciting and fun tours. Then what tourism destinations can we choose?

Here are some packages of Banda Aceh tour destinations that you can make a choice:
Baiturrahman Grand Masjid

The main masjid located in Banda Aceh was built since the 19th century by Sultan Iskandar Muda. Then what is the attraction? There you will find a respectable mosque design and architecture. There is a dome with traditional Islamic motifs that are so attractive to the eye. The situation that is a favorite of tourists.

To be more interesting then you can come at night. Why? At night, Baiturrahman Great Mosque uses beautiful strategic lighting. What’s more there you can find 12 units of electric umbrellas that stand majestically. Hmm it’s really beautiful isn’t it? You can visit it at Kp. Baru, Baiturrahman, Banda Aceh.

Tsunami Museum

Who hasn’t known the Tsunami museum? The Tsunami Museum was built as an effort to honor those who died in the 2004 tsunami. There are around 170,000 people who have died and around 500,000 people who have lost their homes. In addition, the Tsunami Museum was also designed as a symbolic monument to the tsunami which opened in February 2008.

Other facilities of the Tsunami Museum are as a tsunami disaster management and as an education center. What’s interesting is the building museum which is inspired by a traditional Acehnese house which also resembles a ship with a prominent funnel. You can smoke on Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Banda Aceh.

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Banda Aceh State Museum

In addition to the Tsunami Museum, there is also the Banda Aceh State Museum which was built specifically for those of you who want to study in Aceh. There you will find a variety of photo collections and memorabilia in the form of swords, agricultural equipment, textiles and other traditional items.

There is also near Rumah Aceh having a house on stilts. This is as if seen from you How you can live. For locations on Jl. Sultan Alauddin Mahmudsyah. So don’t forget to make it as a package for Banda Aceh tourist destinations and also yaa.

PLTD Floating

The Banda Aceh Floating Power Plant is one of the largest vessels ever used in Aceh waters. When the tsunami struck, the ship was carried ashore at a distance from the sea which was far enough. Then it has lost there and is a monument to people who have lost their lives. The location is on Jl. Harapan, Banda Aceh.

Lampuuk Beach

Who does not want to visit the Banda Aceh tour package by enjoying the hot sunset with its white and blue sandy beaches? With sea air clarity and fairly large waves, it is very suitable for surfing. Weekend disasters this beach is invaded by many tourists from various countries.

Also found a lush pine tree adds to the exotic and soft white sand. Coupled with the background of an enchanting green appendix. So don’t forget to choose it as a tourist destination for Banda Aceh.

Lhoknga Beach

In addition to Lampuuk Beach, Lhoknga Beach is also one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Banda Aceh. There you can play volleyball on a white sand beach which is also accompanied by shady trees. What is stupid You can get a place to surf in the middle of the clear sea. As the waves have a height of 1.5 to 2 meters.

Geureutee peak

Bored with the beach, then you can choose this one Banda Aceh tour destinations. The peak of Geureutee is one of the mountain peaks facing the Indian Ocean directly. Of course the peak you can enjoy the sea view is so great. The foot of the mountain is directly adjacent to the deep sea. The location itself is in Geureutee, Jl. Banda Aceh-Meulaboh crossing.

So, which tour package destination would you choose? Ensuring that one of the tourist destinations in Banda Aceh is your choice for a vacation with your beloved family.

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