7 Cool Attractions Around Lake Toba

Bakara Valley 7 Cool Attractions in Lake Toba

Bintantravel.com – Attractions around Lake Toba is also enchantment of North Sumatra and very beautiful. Lake Toba is also the icon of the North Sumatra tour. But it turns out, there are still many cool destinations around that you enjoy visiting.

No wonder Lake Toba will become the main destination for North Sumatra. Lake Toba seems to have never been empty of visitors, there are always those who want to go there.

Apparently, many things can be done around Lake Toba. Not only Lake Toba itself, but many other attractions are also a pity to miss. Here are some cool attractions around Lake Toba:

1. Pusuk Buhit

In Pusuk Buhit, travelers can see the beautiful panorama of a beautiful waterfall, because it is a row of hills on Samosir Island. If you want to go here, the traveler must use the bus provided by tourist attractions, etc. If you wanna get to reach at the top of the Pusuk Bukit hill. A traveler must walk approximately 500 meters.

Pusuk Buhit was mentioned as the highest point on Lake Toba with an altitude of 1,972 masl. From the top, Lake Toba spreads out like a sea!

2. Samosir Island

Being in the middle of the Lake Toba region, Samosir Island can be an option to see the sights of Lake Toba from various angles. Surely it will look very beautiful!

Not only charming scenery, travelers can also see the true Batak culture. You can see Sigale-gale dance which is a moving doll and knows the history of the heaven-kingdom there. Do not get lured, because various types available are ulos cloth around the harbor.

3. Tongging

Another attractions around Lake Toba is Tongging. Want to see Lake Toba from above altitude, Village Tongging Resolution. The location is in the northern part of Lake Toba.

In Tongging Village, tourists can see the sights of Lake Toba from a height of 900 meters above sea level. H A quiet and beautiful nature residence is very beneficial for you. Can also stop by Sipiso-piso Waterfall which is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia.

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4. Sibandang Island

Located in Muara Tapanuli Utara sub-district, Sibandang Island can also be a destinations after visiting Lake Toba. It is also a book by Lake Toba.

A traveler can also enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from various directions, the location is also strategic. Enough to use a boat that is widely used by residents if you want to go here.

5. Parapat

Not only the expanse of sea views, around Lake Toba travelers can also see natural scenery in several places. A traveler can also visit Bung Karno’s exile house. For travelers who are religious, they will definitely be happy to visit here, because the atmosphere of the past used to be thick.

There are a lot of funny and landed monkeys. Can take pictures or otherwise eat. But remember, to always keep luggage.

6. Bakara

One other corner to see Lake Toba is Bakara. Here, a traveler can see the beauty of Lake Toba from a different angle because of the placement on the edge.

The scenery in Bakara is very beautiful, sharp Lake Toba and the cliffs that support the height are very spoil the eyes. For those who like fishing, here are also some spots for fishing.

7. Pantai Lumbang Silintong Balige

The last attractions around Lake Toba is Lumban Beach Silintong Balige offers a different beauty. Here there is a tourist area that offers views of the lake or restaurant. Relax more fun!

A traveler can enjoy the cool while playing air. Local village children are also good at swimming, just prove that by digging coins the kids will happen instantly.

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