Beautiful Maninjau Lake In West Sumatra

Beautiful Maninjau Lake In West Sumatra – Do you know Maninjau Lake In West Sumatra? Everyone will definitely want something unique and different when choosing a tourist spot to visit. This time it’s an interesting place in the province of West Sumatra, as a detention tour for your family that you care about.

My choice fell on Maninjau Lake which is located in Tanjung Raya sub-district, precisely in Agam Regency, West Sumatra Province.

Maninjau Lake Tourism Object

Lake Maninjau formed from the Gununung Merapi eruption, which reached a depth of 495 meters, making this lake the second largest lake in West Sumatra.

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Lake Maninjau is the most prominent tourist attraction in this Agam district, this lake was formed from the Merapi mountain eruption which reached 495 meters in depth with a height of 461.5 meters with an area of ​​almost 99.5 km per square which confirmed its name as the 2nd scattered lake in West Sumatra.

I inform you a little besides the beauty of the lake, it is also famous for the birthplace of national figures Buya Hamka and Rangkayo Rasuna Said.

The beauty of Lake Maninjau is very unique, not inferior to the romantic lakes that exist in the country of South Korean ginseng.

This lake presents a sweet impression for those who see it, we can also see the lake from a distance, namely from the summit of Lawak and Kelok 44. This is the most beautiful living painting with the theme of natural scenery.

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