Beautiful Parapat City In Lake Toba

parapat city in Lake Toba
– Parapat City is a small town on the shores of Lake Toba in Girsang Sipangan Bolon District, Simalungun District, North Sumatra. Parapat City is one of the accesses to Lake Toba or to Samosir Island. About 48 km from Pematang Siantar City.

From Parapat to Samosir Island, use the ferry crossing at Ajibata port. If not through the Parapat city, to reach Samosir Island by road. It must circle the shores of Lake Toba to the Tano Ponggol bridge in Pangururan. Because the bridge connects Samosir island with the mainland of Sumatra.

Parapat is famous for the beauty of Lake Toba. The city is a famous tourist attraction in North Sumatra. In fact, in the era of the 1990s, the city became a favorite destination for foreign tourists. Mainly from the Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Korea, and even some from America.

Currently the Parapat community and the government are struggling to advance Parapat tourism by making Lake Toba a “Monaco of Asia”. This city is very beautiful, you want to come here should use the services of Bintan Travel. This travel provides Lake Toba tour package from Medan. Please contact the following number for tour package information.

When visiting Parapat, we will find several places that can be visited. Pagoda Square or Parapat town square, Home to the exile of the first former President of Indonesia, Soekarno. From the outskirts of Lake Toba we can swim to enjoy the cool waters of Lake Toba and available lodges with varied prices.

Parapat Small Beautiful City on the banks of Lake Toba

Generally, North Sumatra people refer to the beach or Pante for areas that have white sand. To find a beach with white sand on the edge of it can be found on the free beach or the beach of the sea guesthouse which is in front of the entrance to the city of Parapat and the beach in Parapat Hotel or Inna Hotel. You can also rent a speedboat to see legendary stone hanging sites. Or water bikes for enjoy the scenery around Lake Toba and the city of Parapat.

Don’t forget to also visit some souvenir stalls that sell typical Batak handicrafts as well as typical Lake Toba to buy special souvenirs of Parapat.

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