Enjoy Beautiful Simarjarunjung Hill in Lake Toba

Simarjunjung Hill in Lake Toba Attractions in 2018

Bintantravel.com – Simarjarunjung Hill in Lake Toba is one of the attractions that is the best spot for watching the panorama of Lake Toba. Actually this location has been famous since a long time ago. But now the tourist attractions are rising again after the tree house was built. With the view of Lake Toba and the hills surrounding it. It’s no wonder that the photos went viral on social media. Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung becomes a tourist destination that often passes on the Instagram timeline.

Locations of Simarjarunjung Hill in Lake Toba

Located at Jalan Simarjarunjung, Butu Bayu Pane Raja, Dolok Pardemean District, Simalungan Regency, North Sumatra. The route from Medan that you can pass is through Jalan Jamin Ginting to Kaban Jahe. If you arrive at the T-junction after Tahura, turn left through the Barus Jahe road to Simalungun Regency. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals. Visitors need not worry about the condition of the road to this location.

From all directions, the road structure is quite maximal, aka adequate. Even though there is no public transportation that serves this route. From the intersection of the village to this location. Visitors are treated to a slightly slippery road with clay but only that is only about 200 meters away. Be careful because there are potholes at some points. Off course Simarjunjung Hill in Lake Toba is an adventure to get there.

Entrance Ticket

As an entrance ticket, visitors will be charged a tariff of Rp 2,500 per person. Well if you want to take a photo above the tree house, you will be charged a fee of IDR 5,000 for a duration of 5 minutes. Meanwhile, if you want to feel the sensation of playing flying fox, you will be charged Rp 30,000.

Even though it is only 100 meters away, this flying fox is enough to make users scream hysterically. For those who like camping, visitors can also set up tents at this location. It costs quite Rp 30,000 / tent. Even so, the manager does not provide tents here. There is also a parking fee for those who take the vehicle to the location.

Beautiful Simarjunjung Hill in Lake Toba can be said to be the Blue Mountain of North Sumatra. But the scenery is far more stunning, given the vastness of Lake Toba. There are various unique photo spots provided for visitors. A tree house with a heart shaped board, is a favorite location for visitors to take pictures.

Enjoy Beautiful Sunset

The scenery is guaranteed to make you hypnotized and feel at home for long there. Besides that, Sky Wing has also been a favorite lately. The best time to visit this location is in the afternoon. Because you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset from above the viewing post. In addition to the air that is very cool (cold), the natural atmosphere around it is also still very green.

No wonder Simarjunjung Hill in Lake Toba is a location for young people to tax their eyes. This area has been visited by many tourists, both local and foreign. For those who want to visit, it is recommended to wear thick clothing because the weather here can change at any time. If the weather is suddenly cloudy or drizzle, the temperature will be very cold and the clothes you carry will definitely be very helpful.

To Get There

Don’t forget to bring a camera with clear shots, because you will find lots of nice angles to take photos. Besides the view of Lake Toba, you can also see the view of the rice fields. The stretch of tea and coffee gardens that also look very beautiful. Also prepare your food and drink when visiting Simarjunjung Hill in Lake Toba.

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