Best Tourist Attraction In North Sumatera

Best Tourist Attraction In North Sumatera

Lake Toba Tour from Medan : Being the Top Tourism Destination in North Sumatera

Lake Toba tour from Medan is a promising tour and travel package for tourists enjoying a wonderful view of Lake Toba. You can select the most appropriate tour package whether it is an exclusive or regular package. The tour package usually includes a visit to Simalem Resort.

Offering Unforgettable Tour and Travel in Lake Toba

When you select a tour and travel, you must take a choice of the best one. It commonly offers a tour package for 2 days 1 night included Simalem Resort. This is a tour package of Lake Toba. The visits in tourism packages include visiting Samosir Island, Simalem Resort, Berastagi, and Simarjarunjung Hill. The tour is so exclusive to visit some amazing places for enjoying the beauties of nature on the earth of North Sumatra.

Enjoying Amazing Itineraries of Lake Toba Tour Package

Lake Toba Tour from Medan offers a special package in which it provides 2 days 1 night for exploring the beauty of North Sumatra. This tour package is regarded to be a short package so that it is mostly chosen by tourists both local and foreign tourists. The interesting programs are available in this tour package. You usually will be picked at Kualanamu International Airport. After that, you go to the tourism destination of Lake Toba. The trip will take time for 4 to 5 hours crossing oil palm and rubber plantation. After you reach Lake Toba, you can go to the port for crossing the lake to go to Samosir Island. The trip to go to Samosir will spend one hour with a motorboat.

For the tourists loving dances, they can see the performance of Sigale – Gale Dance. It is one of the traditional dances of Batak Tribe in Samosir Island. After you saw it, it is time to hunt souvenirs in Tomok Market. The next schedule is coming back to the hotel and take a rest. The tour package will be continued tomorrow.

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There are some best tourist attractions in North Sumatera. You can go to Simarjarunjung, Simalem Resort, and Berastagi. Simalem Resort will be spent for 4 hours crossing pine forest and edge of Lake Toba. During a trip, you will stop in Simarjarunjung Hill. You can taste the ginger tea and typical Simalungun fried banana. You can explore that hill to reveal the beauty secret of this spot. It is estimated to arrive in Simalem Resort at noon. This place is an eco-tourism concept with some facilities to see the beauty of Lake Toba in a different view spot. You can capture your moments there satisfyingly.

Then, you continue your tour to Berastagi reached for one hour. After arrived there, you direct to go to Gundailing Hill to enjoy a beautiful view of Berastagi. In the hill, you can see Sinabung Mountain and Sibayak Mountain from the radius range of 7 km. After that, you go to Berastagi Fruit Market. You can see various flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Those are some beautiful itineraries included in the common tour and travel when you take Lake Toba tour package. The tourist attraction is a must to be visited when you do holidays in North sumatera and beyond.

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