How To Choose Best Travel Agent in Indonesia – To choose the best travel agent in Indonesia, of course there are several determining factors. Many travel agents claim that they are the best travel agents. But apparently the services and services provided are even unsatisfactory and very far from the best words. Therefore you must be observant in making choices.

Especially for Indonesia which is a very broad country with many cities. Even every city has its own travel agent. For example, the city of Medan.  Here are some things that should be considered when choosing a travel agent for holidays in Indonesia.

The best travel agent in our opinion is the best must meet the following criteria


There are stories of the experiences of some tourists left in the middle of the road by bus drivers who were ordered through the travel agent. Don’t let this happen to you. Not only loss of money but can actually endanger the safety of the soul. Make sure the travel agent you choose is not a fraud.

Don’t get after paying. the person also disappeared. The easiest way is through recommendations of friends or colleagues who can be trusted. If you are abroad or out of town, you can ask for recommendations from the hotel staff.

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Research as a consumer

It could be a mistake not on the travel agent but on consumers who are not careful. Look carefully at every service and item purchased through a travel agent. Especially what services are obtained and not your choice.

For example, when buying an airplane ticket, make sure if you want a change or cancel the replacement. If you buy a tour package. Don’t forget to ask for detailed schedules and what expenses you don’t get. Don’t be lazy to confirm the hotel you have booked. Because don’t let the hotel turn out to have not received an order when we arrived.

Select travel agents according to specialization

This specialization is not formally but in fact every travel agent has a specialization based on destination and service. Usually this specialization is based on region. The travel agents have a stronger experience and network of relationships in their respective regions.

There are travel agents whose specialty is Umrah, Hajj, and trips to the Middle East. There is also a specialization of holidays to the European region usually including religion trips, mainland areas of China, the Asia and Indochina region, and the Indonesian national area, especially Java, Bali and Lombok.

Finally, it also developed into Eastern Indonesia. The most important thing is careful when making transactions. Do not let the mistake of choosing best travel agent in Indonesia become a nightmare. Make your vacation a pleasant experience.

Bintan travel is one of the official, trusted and experienced travel agents. Besides that, he also specializes in tourism in Indonesia. Even trips abroad. Besides this travel is transparent to any costs that are included and not included in the package. So Bintan Travel meets all the criteria above.

Therefore, it can be said that Bintan Travel is one of the best travel agent in Medan Indonesia according to our opinion. Please do not hesitate anymore to order tour packages to cities in Indonesia through Bintan Travel and immediately call the following number +62 819 828 117.

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