Bintan Golf Courses

Bintan Golf Courses

Bintan Golf Courses – Like the island of Bali, Bintan Island is also known to have a collection of international standard golf courses. It is known to have challenging designs with beautiful ocean scenery and luxurious resort facilities. The island where the capital of Riau Islands Province, the city of Tanjung Pinang is located, has a land area of ​​about 1,319.51 square kilometers.

Bintan Golf Courses is located in a strategic position on the southern peninsula of Malaysia. So it is not surprising that the majority who visit this place are tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam. In addition to relying on the tourism sector, the people of Bintan Island rely on the lowland agricultural sector as their daily livelihood.

You can find 5 large reservoirs that act as a source of raw water for community agriculture on the largest island in the Riau Islands.

Together with beach tourism and diverse cultures, the Bintan golf course is one of the attractions of the tourists here. Not to mention the condition of Bintan Island which has an average daily temperature of 21-30 degrees Celsius and is in a tropical climate that makes tourists able to play golf here most of the year.

If you visit Bintan Island, you are not only welcomed by the beautiful white sand beaches but also the composition of the rocks that adorn the shore. Even some of the rocks scattered around the golf course. Bintan Island Sea is also clear and natural so it is suitable for diving, snorkeling, surfing or Kayaking. Most of the golf tourists here, not only enjoy the luxurious Bintan golf course facilities, but also the beautiful beach scenery such as the Trikora beach or Lagoi.

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The island, which is only about 45 minutes by ferry from the port of Singapore, has 3 famous golf courses. The field is the Ria Bintan Golf Club, Laguna Golf Bintan and Bintan Lagoon Golf Club. These three golf courses combine views of forests, natural rivers, hills and beaches against the backdrop of the spectacular South China sea.

Why Choose Bintan Golf Courses ?

The Bintan Lagoon Club golf course consists of two fields namely the 6,443 meter Ian Baker-Finch Woodland Course and 6,211 meters of Jack Nicklaus Sea View Course. If the area of ​​the two fields is combined, Bintan Lagoon Golf Club becomes the largest golf course on Bintan Island. Bintan Lagoon Club is also the oldest field in Bintan that has been built since 1996.

Meanwhile, the Ria Bintan Golf Club field was once chosen as one of the best fields in Southeast Asia thanks to the charming field design. The combination of natural forests, artificial lakes, coral rocks both at Ocean Course and Forest Course and challenging topographic designs make this field so special for golfers.

If you want to enjoy a different atmosphere, you can play at the Bintan Golf Laguna field located in Sebong Laoi. This golf course has a view of the background of a former mining area, a row of Banyan trees around the field and adjacent to the beach. So you can enjoy the beach sands and the beach breeze here.

Bintan golf course offers golf packages that vary from the price of  IDR. 1 million to Rp. 3 millions. Each golf course certainly offers several attractive facilities, ranging from international-class luxury resorts to shuttle services to and from the ferry port.

With beautiful panoramas and a variety of attractive facilities, it is not surprising that the golf course in Bintan is often used as a venue for national and international golf tournaments as well as an ideal vacation spot for golfers.


List of Bintan Golf Courses


1. Ria Bintan Golf Course

If you want to play on the edge of a vast ocean with lots of green shady trees around it, then Ria Bintan is the right choice for you. According to the Asian Golf Monthly version, Ria Bintan is included in several golf nominations namely the Top 100 Courses, Best Golf Course in Asia, and Best Golf Course in Indonesia.

Lots of foreign tourists, professional and local players who play here because they want to see the beauty of the field. Has two types of fields namely ocean course and forest course with a total distance that is different.

In addition, this place also offers a variety of interesting facilities that you can try such as Bandar Ria Restaurant which serves a variety of cuisines from various countries with Indonesian special foods, Asmara Ria Spa where you can pamper yourself after playing tired.

If you want to try the game and are in that location, then you can try various kinds of Golf Course in Bintan with different types of fields and also try various facilities so that you can be more fresh from the full range of daily activities.

 2. Bintan Lagoon Golf Course Seaview

Bintan Lagoon Golf Course Seaview is designed by a professional golfer named Jack Nicklaus. The Bintan Lagoon Golf Course Seaview field contour is quite challenging with bunkers and several water obstacles.

This golf course has 5 different tees and a land area of ​​6443 meters par 72 suitable for both beginner and professional golfers.

3. Bintan Lagoon Golf Course Woodlands

It is also called Ian Baker field has a field contour surrounded by trees. Bintan Lagoon Golf Course Woodlands has nine front holes that curl out and a hole that leads to the clubhouse. Bintan Lagoon Woodlands has an area of ​​6211 square meters and 72 par as Jack Nicklaus.

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4. Laguna Golf Bintan

Laguna Golf Bintan Club is one of the golf courses in Bintan which is famous for its sea views and its unique design. The golf course designed by Greg Norman and perfected by Paul Jensen has 18 holes and stretches as far as 6,200 meters.

This field landscape is designed with gentle and hilly contours with a combination of varied grass surfaces, artificial water pools and natural rocks. The view of the sea and the forest adjacent to the beach is the background of this field.

On this golf course located in Sebong Laoi, golfers can see views of ex-mining areas that no longer operate as well as rows of parrots around the golf course.

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