Budget Medan Package Tips Cheaper

Budget Medan Package Tips Cheaper
– Choosing a budget Medan package tour is usually confusing. You may feel uneasy because cheap travel package usually gives a bad impression. Except you find some travel agent with cheap package but high quality package tour. Just continue reading until end of this article.

Here are some things you should know before taking a budget Medan package tour.
Time of your visit

Unlike the countries with 4 seasons, Medan is located in a country with two seasons. You can visit the city all the time you want. But, most people prefer to visit Medan during the dry season around between May and September. Your tour package may be cheaper if you pick a time between July and August because that is when Indonesian are busy with their daily activities.

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The place to visit

The place you visit greatly determines the price of your travel package to Medan. If you are on a tight budget, it is recommended that you should take a package that sticks around the city with a cheap but comfortable hotel. Take city tour package is better because you don’t have to pay extra money outside the hotel fee. Unlike natural tourism where a tour guide or car rent may be optional.

Time of your stay

The time of your stay can affect the price of your tour package. Common package available in Medan is 3D2N, 4D3N, and 5D4N. Plan your holiday well so you can pick the best one that fit your time and money. Also, pay attention to the place listed on your package. Pick the place that you are interested in so you can enjoy your holiday in Medan positively.

The three elements above are important when choosing a travel package, especially in Medan. Most people usually take a package that includes arrival and departure pick-up and hotel fees, so you can enjoy free time during your stay at Medan.

Make sure that you choose the right budget Medan package tour that fit with your criteria. Except if you find a best travel agent in Medan with comparative prices. Bintan Travel is the one with this criteria, a professional and also experienced  travel agent with comparative budget Medan package tour, call here +62 819 828 117 and get fast responses and good services.

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