Bukit Barisan Country Club In Medan Golf Package

Bukit Barisan Country Club In Medan Golf Package

Booking a Medan golf package that includes the Bukit Barisan Golf course would be one of your best-golfing trips. As one of the earliest international golf courses in Asia. This golf course offers you with a challenging experience, either you are a beginner or expert. Located in Medan, here is the information about the golf course.

The golf course

Designed by Jack Nicklaus, this course is one of the earliest golf course in Asia that has 18 holes. A challenging and unique experience is the perfect description for each hole in the course. The fairway is amazing and will amaze either a professional, expert or beginner golfer. With good services and management, this golf course is a hidden gem in Medan or even Asia since the provided quality and the price is very great. When you visit Medan, make sure that you put this location as the top priority.

With a private club type, you can enjoy the golf course through a reservation. This place is already operating the service since 1995. With 24 hours in advance tee times, you can book the place any time. Other facilities and services included within the golf course are Bar, Pro Shop, Clubhouse, Restaurant, Trolley, Golf Instruction, and Golf Club Rental.

You can enjoy this 72 Par golf course located in Jalan Medan, Pancur Batu Km. 17 Tuntungan Village 20152 Medan, North Sumatra. For more information and reservation, you can call the number +62 61 8364 009  or visit the website bbcc-golf.

Things to do in Medan aside from golfing

Ranging from city to nature tourism, there are several things you can do when you visit Medan. The popular destinations for city tourism are Masjid Raya and Maemun Castle. Aside from that, the tourism infrastructure in the city is great.

You can find various places as your temporary basecamp to go here and there on Medan. You just have to suit your accommodation fees and the place. Medan has a culture similar to Malay, so you can find a similar style in food and city architecture.

Visit the infamous Toba Lake several hours away from Medan to experience full Indonesian atmosphere. The area is located several hundred meters above the sea level, so it will be cooler compared to the central city in Medan. When you come to Toba, you may visit the inner Samosir Island where various merchandises and souvenirs can be bought with a cheap price.

The best time to visit Medan

Because Medan is located in a tropical region, you can visit at any time. But, people around the world prefer to visit Medan during the dry season which is around May to September. What you plan to do in Medan may determine the time of your visit, so plan carefully to avoid weather problem. Based on the previous info, you can choose a Medan city tour package that suits your budget. Make sure that you include Bukit Barisan country club in Medan golf package  on your Medan trip itinerary to enjoy one of the best golf courses in Asia.

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