Amazing Things In Bukit Lawang Jungle Trekking Sumatra

Amazing Things At Bukit Lawang Jungle Trekking Sumatra

Bintantravel.comBukit Lawang jungle trekking Sumatra is one of the natural attractions.  You must be purchased in North Sumatra Province to escape the scent of the city. On holidays such as Sundays or public holidays – many tourists, places you choose, air flows flowing from Gunung Leuser, and also enjoy adventure in the woods to find the Utans.

The attraction of Bukit Lawang which makes many foreign tourists come to North Sumatra, to see more than 35,000 Orangutans directly, and other species such as monkeys, tigers, wild pigs, birds, which live wildly in more than 2 million hectares of forest .

The Amazing Thing You Can Do at Bukit Lawang jungle trekking Sumatra

It is quite tiring indeed to travel to Bukit Lawang if you use public transportation. But it will definitely be cured so that we arrive at Bukit Lawang Nature Tourism because we will immediately be criticized by the clear river flow and visitors’ mazes. After resting Bukit Lawang Jungle Trekking Sumatra . Just continue with exciting activities, such as:

Bathe – shower as much as you want in the clear river air

When at Bukit Lawang Jungle Trekking Sumatra. You can traced the road that followed the river to see and choose a place to bathe from Mount Leuser. After finding the right place, the clarity and coolness of the river’s water, I immediately enjoyed it, taking a bath – showering here replaced the fun. If the wind blows hard, you can see the leaves falling from the trees that are panning in the hills.

Feed orangutan

After being satisfied – take a shower with orangutan, (a day can be done twice, 10 am and 4 sick). The location of feeding the orangutan is not too far if it is associated with walking from the riverbank.

Enjoy Culinary

There are many guests who have restaurants, and can help innkeepers to provide food. Along the river, there are several small cafes. You can enjoy fruit salad, fried rice and snacks.

Tracking during the day or at night

Now is the time Bukit Lawang jungle trekking Sumatra. Trekking at night is a favorite of visitors on the hill lawang. Most visitors choose a two-day trip to be able to display orangutans and wildlife in their natural habitat. This adventure applies to tourists who travel in the forest. Each trip must be guided by an experienced guide.

Today’s trekking trip requires physical fitness. If the physical condition is not fit, it is better to do trekking for several hours in the afternoon. You can ask the guide to take you on a trip for several hours. There are also a number of short trips around Bukit Lawang that are not suitable for guides or permits. Then at the agreed point, do not walk again but feel the flow of the Bohorok River using a rubber boat. This activity must be carried out under supervision because it is very strong.

How to get Bukit Lawang jungle trekking Sumatra tour package?

It is clear that Bukit Lawang is included in one of the tourist destinations in Sumatra tours. For that, you as a visitor can contact Bintan Travel to book a tour package in Sumatra. Immediately call the following number +62 819 828 117 for the tour package information you want. Make sure you pass the guide if you want to see certain plants or animals. Prices for travel trips include basic food, guide fees, permits and camping equipment. Make sure you also write your guide to visit the bat cave.

So, if you plan to visit North Sumatra, you will find Bukit Lawang natural tourist attraction as one of your tourist destinations in North Sumatera. Because the experience of trekking in the middle of the forest while looking for Orang Utan will be difficult for you to find in other areas besides at Bukit Lawang. And amazing. exploring the forest here is an amazing adventure. Traveling through lush forests will be thrilling and you will enter a new world.

Fun travel to Bukit Lawang, hopefully you can add a reference for you in preparing a plan of activities if you want to enjoy a holiday in the natural BUKIT LAWANG.

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