Cheap Hotels In Medan And Lake Toba

Cheap Hotels In Medan And Lake Toba

Most of Indonesians know the Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia. In the middle of the lake, there is a beautiful small island called Samosir Island. The size of this island is almost the same as that of Singapore. Surely, Lake Toba, which surrounds Samosir Island, is much wider. Not only wide, but the scenery around it is also very beautiful. No wonder there are so many tourists visit this place every year. For you who are planning to join the Medan tour package and are seeking a place to stay, here we summarize the recommended cheap hotels in Medan and Lake Toba.

Anju Cottages

Anju Cottages is a comfortable lodging situated on the Tuk-Tuk Ring Road, Samosir. The cottages are very comfortable and have beautiful views. This place is very suitable for nature lovers. Each room is equipped with TV and toiletries. To complete your vacation, you can enjoy a massage, BBQ, restaurant, coffee shop, karaoke, bar, parking area, and bicycle rental. You may stay at Anju Cottages by paying only around 200,000 rupiahs per night.

Judita Cottage

Besides going to Lake Toba, you can also get easy access to Tomok, Pangururan, and Siallagan if you stay at Judita Cottage. This cottage is located on Lingkar Tuktuk street, Samosir. Many adequate facilities that you can enjoy at this lodging include comfortable bedrooms that face beautiful beaches, full toiletries, karaoke, TV, restaurants, BBQ, coffee shops, bicycle rentals, massages, and parking areas. Prices offered by Judita Cottage are also affordable, starting from around 200,000 rupiahs per night. When you come to north sumatera ofcourse should know the best tourist attraction in north sumatera.

Saulina Resort

This beautiful resort is located on the Aek Rangat street Pangururan Samosir. So, if you stay at this resort, you will immediately feel the beauty of Samosir and its surroundings as soon as you wake up and open the windows. Enjoy available room facilities, such as toiletries, TV, restaurants, and karaoke only by paying around 250,000 per night.

Silintong Hotel

Silintong Hotel is a resort with a classic wooden interior that makes you feel at home all day. The inn is located on the Tuk Tuk Siadong Ring Road, Samosir. It certainly offers beautiful views of the beach and the refreshing greenery. Enjoy various facilities provided by Silintong Hotel, such as toiletries, restaurants, television, BBQ, massage, and bicycle rental. The price is slightly higher than those of the previous hotels, which is around 350,000 per night.

Samosir Cottages Resort

This hotel can be said as a strategic accommodation. Located on the Tuk Tuk Siadong Ring Road, this place is close to Stone Chairs and the Tomb of King Sidabutar which is only 1.99 kilometers away. By paying around 450,000 rupiahs per night, you can enjoy the facilities like a cozy bedroom, a refreshing swimming pool, television, toiletries, and restaurant.

Parapat View Hotel

This hotel provides friendly service and modern facilities for guests, such as comfortable bedrooms, toiletries, swimming pool, television, BBQ, and restaurant. You can stay at this hotel all night long with only 450,000 rupiahs. The hotel is located on the Sidaha Pinto Road No. 7, Simalungun.

The hotels on the list are just some of many cheap hotels in Medan and Lake Toba that offers nice services to their customers. So, you do not need to worry about lodging if you are planning to join Medan tour package and spend your holiday in this magnificent place.

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