Cheap Tangkahan Elephant Tour Bukit Lawang

Cheap Tangkahan Elephant Tour Bukit Lawang – Tangkahan is one of the best elephant fauna tours in Indonesia thats why Tangkahan elephant tour is very interesting. Located in the Leuser Mountain area, namely the National Park protected by the Government, Tangkahan has an elephant maintenance and training area in the wilderness.

To explore the forest there are two alternatives given by the manager. Namely walking can be accompanied by a guide or by riding the Sumatran Elephant ready to wait for visitors to be delivered around the jungle.

You can also do an adventure to uncover the secrets of Sumatra’s tropical rainforest by riding an elephant all day.

Tangkahan elephant tour riding price :

For tourists Tangkahan elephant tourwho want to do an adventure reveal the secrets of Sumatra’s tropical rainforest by riding an elephant, can buy tickets around the forest riding adult elephants with tickets for IDR 650 thousand.

While the ticket for bathing the elephant is Rp. 100 thousand, if the whole package starts with tracking, feeding the elephant to bathing it and enjoying tours in Tangkahan with elephants is priced at Rp. 850 thousand

To enjoy all the packages, both bathing the elephant, tracking, eating and others the manager installed a tariff of Rp. 850 thousand per person. Whereas only Rp. 650,000 per person for one hour is only traking with elephants.

“If the package Tangkahan elephant tour is cheaper, tourists will be taken on tours all day. Starting from riding an elephant along the forest, bathing the elephant in the river to photographs and others.

Tangkahan beautiful ecosystems

The Tangkahan area also has lowland and highland ecosystem types with forest conditions that are still preserved purity.

Flora fauna found in this area are semar bags, rafflessia, Amorphophalus sp, damar, meranti, mayang, while fauna found in this area are elephants, orangutans, long-tailed macaques, tigers, forest goats, wild pigs, kuau birds and others . So, tourists who are most interested here can also be said from abroad.

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During the trip to Tangkahan it is not uncommon for tourists to see truck cars carrying oil palm passing by, this is because the majority of the people make a living as oil palm farmers. Then the neglect of the truck becomes a factor that the road will not be paved.

So tourists Tangkahan elephant tour are expected to be more careful about carrying cars. Tourists are also advised to bring complete supplies, such as medicines if they have diseases and clothing if they want to stay overnight, because Tangkahan is far from the city center.

But tourists don’t need to be confused for lodging. There are a number of inns that can be a choice of resting with an affordable budget, starting from Rp. 200 to 600 thousand.

Acces to Location

To be able to visit this tourist spot, tourists must travel about 4 hours from Medan or Kuala Namu International Airport by using Damri Bus to Pinang Baris Terminal. Then, continue with the Universal Development Bus by paying Rp. 25,000 to arrive at Tangkahan or around 3-4 hours of driving.

For information, now access to Tangkahan is not as difficult as last year. Later, the 50-kilometer road to TNGL which had previously been damaged by potholes has now been paved. Only around 7.5 kilometers of rocky road to enter Tangkahan area that has not been paved.

Arriving there, the traveler must register at the Visitor Center. After that, you can check in for accommodation.

Where to stay?

In Tangkahan there are several lodgings offered to visitors Tangkahan elephant tour such as Tangkahan Inn, Bamboo River Lodge, Jungle Lodge, and Green Lodge. For Bintan Travel Sumatra tours customer the hotel is very nice and good.

Exclusive, the word is enough to define the sensation that travelers feel when traveling in Tangkahan, which has a green river flow and Langkat waterfall flanked by two villages, namely Namo Sialang Village and Sei Serdang Village. Being in the middle of a lush forest, reaching it must cross the river.

Tourists are seen crossing in the middle of a strong current. By holding on to each other, the half-waist water for 10 meters was passed step by step against the current.

The river water is cold, while the waterfall is better on the body because it is slightly mixed with hot springs on the cliff.

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