What To Do During Ecotravel Bukit Lawang

What To Do During Ecotravel Bukit Lawang

Bintantravel.comEcotravel Bukit Lawang  day tour will offer people with different holiday experience. People should choose the best way for spending their holiday time. There also will be an unforgettable experience to find in this area. This is the spending which can be a great investment not only for people’s leisure but also for the environment.

Here are several things to do during ecotravel Bukit Lawang :

Trekking in the middle of the jungle becomes the first activity people must not miss when they are in Bukit Lawang. They will walk on the challenging path throughout the jungle. They will witness tall trees which grow in the tropical rainforest. If they are lucky, they even can find the rare plants. They have to be ready to encounter with the wildlife that is living in this area. Of course, they could expect to meet orangutan in its natural habitat.

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They can create further experience by visiting this place during feeding time in the morning and afternoon. Just need to make sure that they read the guidance before they visit this endangered species. Also they have to be careful as well because the primates in the jungle can be pretty sly. It is better to watch them from distance during ecotravel bukit lawang – day tour.

For people who love to do something which can make their adrenaline rush, it might be a great idea to join the tubing activity. This activity can be considered extreme because they will float in the river with the tube only. They have to be very careful because this activity is lack of safety gear.

Since people can find a cave in Bukit Lawang, there is nothing wrong to enjoy the adventure to the fullest by taking caving activity. They can explore the cave which becomes the home for many bats. All can be enjoyed with ecotravel bukit lawang – day tour.

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