Enjoy Beautiful Sunset In Padang Beach

Enjoy Beautiful Sunset In Padang Beach

Bintantravel.com – One of the favorite tourist icons in the city of Padang is Padang beach. This tourist attraction that extends to the west side of the capital of West Sumatra Province. It is almost daily visited by tourists. Both local and outside. It can be said, those who come to visit the city of Padang will feel loss. If they do not take time to stop at the beach where Sunset looks very beautiful.

Enjoy beautiful sunset in Padang beach

Especially since the Padang City Government maximized the improvement of infrastructure in a place that the people of Padang City also often called Taplau (but Laut) which means the seafront. The area around it is now cleaner and neater. The travelers are increasingly free and pampered while enjoying the beauty of the scenery and feel the warm shards of waves on the beach. Or just playing kites, roller skates to cycling.

For parking, tourists also need to worry. Because there is already a large and well-managed parking area. On the north side of Padang beach. There are rows of kiosks specifically built for traders selling various kinds of goods or services. Cafes, clothes to souvenirs. Meanwhile, behind the lake Cimpago offers a view that is equally interesting.

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Padang Beach is also always become as an arena or location for major. Events such as the annual Padang City tourism event, the Siti Nurbaya Festival. Even several times passed for the Tour de Singkarak route.

Transportation & Accommodation

Padang Beach is not far from the city center. Until access to transportation and accommodation is clearly very easy to obtain. You can use taxis, buses or public transportation that you can easily find there. If you want to see the sunset on this Padang beach you can order a Sumatra tour package. Because you can visit this beach and also several other tourist attractions in Sumatra. Therefore you can contact Bintan travel agents in the following numbers +62 819 828 117 for tour package information.

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