Enjoy Sumatra Tour Package Explore Exotic Destinations

Enjoy Sumatra Tour Package Explore Exotic DestinationsBintantravel.com – What is the best Sumatra tour package that you must try when you visit Sumatra? Here is the best tour package that fits with you. You can choose where is the province you can visit first. Because all the province have so many tourist destinations that so amazing.

West Sumatra Tourism

There are marvelous tourist destinations that you can visit in West Sumatra with Sumatra tour package. Here is the attractions :

  • Bukittinggi. things to do in Bukittinggi for example, visit panorama park, Sianon canyon, go to Koto Gadang (silver handmade village), see Rafflesia Arnoldi flower in Batang Palupuh village and trekking in complex of Mount in  Marapi and Mount Singgalang.
  • The Batu Sangkar and Tanah Gadang.  Visit the heritage destination such as Pagaruyung palace, panorama Tabek Patah, cow and bull race ( pacu Jawi race),  Singkarak Lake, and Ombilin River.
  • Another amazing destinations is the Maninjau Lake.
  • Harau valley, Payakumbuh.  Visit Harau Valley waterfall and Ngalau cave.

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North Sumatra Tourism 

Above all is the attractions in West Sumatra. North Sumatra is the best gateway for exploring the diversities in Sumatra. This province also definitely the list of the nature lover attractions on Sumatra Island. North Sumatra offer beautiful lush flora and fauna, gigantic lake, tropical jungles even more.

Interesting nature wildlife tourist destination in North Sumatra tour package :

As it explained beyond in. North Sumatra also is paradise for nature and wildlife adventure.

  • The Bukit Lawang-Orangutan Conservation. Bukit Lawang is the main attraction of seeing wildlife of Orangutan in North Sumatra.  Tourist also can follow tubing activity in Bohorok River and explore bat cave.
  • Tangkahan-Elephant Rehabilitation. The other highlight of North Sumatra Tourism is Tangkahan. Tangkahan is a rural area that located in Leuser National park. You can see wildlife such as orangutan, sumatran tiger and even more riding elephant.
  • Berastagi, Mount Sibayak. Mount Sibayak is a volcanic mount whis is popular. That is because for trail hike to reach the sunrise in the morning.

Traditional attraction

After nature wildlife tourist destination in Sumatra tour package. There is also cultural tourism by visiting a traditional village in Samosir Island, in the middle of Lake Toba. In this island, tourist can visit Ambarita village, Tomok village, panorama Simarjunjung, and many more.  Medan, besides as capital city, it also city that full of historical attraction.

Finally tourist can see the colonial occupation heritage. Old architecture and many more. To get this Sumatra tours is very easy. Our recommended travel agent Bintan Travel always provides this tour. Immediately call this number +62 819 828 117 to get information about our package.

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