Exciting and Fun Medan Night Destination Spots

Exciting and Fun Medan Night Destination Spots

Bintantravel.com – As one of the big cities in Indonesia Medan night destination spots is full of culinary. Medan has a number of interesting tourist attractions to visit. Therefore, if you are looking for a tourist destination for vacation later, this one city should also be considered.

Well, traveling certainly can not only be enjoyed during the day. When visiting Medan, you can also enjoy the sparkling nightlife. Want to know interesting places that you can visit to enjoy Medan at night? Come on, see the full review of Medan night destination below!

Merdeka Walk

Merdeka Walk is a culinary and entertainment area that is only open at night. The location is in the center of the city, adjacent to Merdeka Square, Medan. In this place, you can enjoy a variety of typical Medan cuisine, western food, and Asian food. One of the favorite spots on the Merdeka Walk area is the Center Piece, which is a land with many shady trees. At this Center Piece, entertainment shows are often here such as bands, breakers, rap, and many more.

Pagaruyung Culinary Area

Besides Merdeka Walk, Pagaruyung Culinary Area can also be another alternative to enjoy Medan culinary tours at night. The location is on Jalan K.H. Zainul Arifin, Petisah Tengah, Medan Petisah, Medan City.

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Pagaruyung cuisine

The area is in the Kampung Keling area or the Little India of Medan is a culinary paradise at night because of the many street vendors lining the road. You can find all kinds of food in this place. However, the most popular are Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, such as cane bread, Indian martabak, Egyptian martabak, Briyani rice, rivet noodles, and many others.

Jalan Semarang

Night tours have never been separated from culinary tourism. Besides Merdeka Walk and Pagaruyung Culinary Area, Medan also still has other culinary areas that are no less interesting, namely the Semarang Street area. This road is actually an ordinary public road, but at night it turns into a culinary area with a million flavors.

Unlike the Pagaruyung area which is dominated by Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Jalan Semarang is thick with Chinese nuances. Even so, the menu that is served in this region also varies. Besides chinese food, you can also enjoy other menus such as nasi lemak, fried noodles, fried rice, and so on.

London Sumatra Building

The London Sumatra Building is a Dutch colonial heritage building located on Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 2, Kesawan, Medan, not far from the culinary area of ??Merdeka Walk. With its distinctive European architecture, this icon of the city of Medan, of course you should not miss the profit of photo hunting at night.

In addition to the London Sumatra Building, other places that you also cannot miss for huntig photos are the Office of the Old Town Hall and the Medan Post Office.

Ucok Durian

The last Medan night destination is the famoust culinary in Medan. People say, “Not to Medan, if you haven’t tried the durian,” Yes, Medan durian is already very well-known, both among tourists and residents of the city of Medan itself. And if you talk about the durian of Medan, Ucok Durian can be said to be one of his prima donnas.

The location is on Jalan Wahid Hasyim. Ucok Durian managed to suck the attention of the visitors because the nuances presented were like being in a restaurant or cafe on the roadside. You just sit in the available chair and order durian fruit. Uniquely, you can also choose the desired level of sweetness.

Those are some exciting and fun Medan Night Destination. About lodging, you don’t need to be confused. Just book Medan tour package in Bintan Travel.

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