How To Find The Best Online Travel Agent – Before the holidays you may often ask how to find the best online travel agent? Because a travel will usually work to budget, set, schedule and organize people who plan to travel or vacation. They will also offer advice on where to go, tourist destinations, events and travel needs.

Holidays are awaited thing. Especially for those who work. Holidays help release fatigue after work, thus helping to refresh the body and mind.

But before planning a vacation, usually we will see the price of airline tickets and hotels. To find competitive prices in the current technological era is not difficult. We can search for travel online.

We will be faced with foresight, in choosing the best online travel. Of the many online travel in the realm of cyberspace, we will be faced with trust. So that the coveted vacation can go according to plan.

Well, to choose best online travel agent, it’s a good idea to refer to the following tips:

1. Payment

The selected online travel must provide all options, both online and directly. Almost all online travel offers payment options. In choosing online travel, look for a complete payment system. But make sure you also choose who can make payments in cash or directly like this online travel.

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2. Discounts or discounted prices

Is the thing that must be taken into account in choosing a hotel. Look for online travel that provides the best prices, even online travel that offers discounts of up to 70 percent. Or those who do have regular discounts above 10 percent outside of promo discounts. This is to minimize the costs that will be incurred during the holidays.

3. Original Indonesia

It is very important to look for best online travel agent originating from Indonesia. This is to provide satisfaction and comfort for you while on vacation. In addition, the incoming tax will be given to the state treasury. Because now many online travels are based overseas, so it can be calculated how much Indonesian people’s money should be enjoyed by foreigners.

4. Hotel Capacity

Many online travel offers discounted hotels, but the hotels provided are limited. The choice of many hotels will give us the freedom to choose, both the place and time to be used. So that we will not run out of lodging while on vacation to a place. At least the online travel that we are looking for has at least 2000 hotels throughout Indonesia.

5. Office Base

Most importantly, of course, online travel must be in Indonesia. this is to make it easier for us to clarify, contact the customer service or complain about the hotel or the place to stay that we will book. These five factors are very important in planning to look for trusted and best online travel agent. There is one in Indonesia. There are several online travel who can fulfill it all.

One of them is our recommended travel agent in Medan that is Bintan Travel . Located in Jalan Jamin Ginting no. 222 Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia. This travel have a good reputations and many guest from Europe and also negihbour country like  Malaysia and Singapore. Also trusted and experienced in Medan tour package, Sumatra tours or another tour arround Indonesia. Please contact here  +62 819 828 117 for further informstions about tour packages. Have a nice vacations.

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