Graha Helvetia Golf Course Medan

Graha Helvetia Golf – Tips to Start Playing Golf

Graha Helvetia Golf Course is constructed in 1994 and located in residential area. You can enjoy golfing with your family or friends at this particular Medan golf club. The place is informal and comfortable, so it’s best place for beginner to polish the skill. This course feature 18 holes provided with fresh air. While playing golf, you will be able to move your body actively and relieve from stress at the same time.

The Medan golf club is provided with complete facilities including driving range, club house, shower, locker, pro-shop, coffee shop and restaurants. You can also rent shoes and trolley there. This Medan golf club is family friendly where you can bring your children along. Since there are other facilities like swimming pool and tennis court where they can play around while you focus on golfing.

Some people who just starting to play golf often feel intimidated by a more experienced player since their style is not comparable yet. If you are one of them, then you should check these tips out in order to enhance your confidence and ready to face the golf world.

Tips To Start Playing Golf As Below

1. Golf is known as elite sport which commonly played by aging man. But todays, as it becomes more popular, many younger people are attracted to play it. Even if you have access to start playing golf, it is best if you learn it with an instructor. Mastering the basics from a pro player will give you the right direction to learn it. And in long term, you will be able to develop your skill significantly.

2. Excelling your skill to hit the ball at the driving range is good. After hitting many long shots, you may be able to grasp how to do it correctly. But, do be neglectful with putting. Putting is also important to learn because it spares 50% of player strokes in one round.

3. You need to master the right technique for gripping the club. It is vital for you since it defines how you hit the ball. You can find three main techniques in gripping including the vardon, the baseball and the interlocking. You should choose one which is the most comfortable and practice it every spare time. Do not practice more than one because one technique alone needs months to master properly.

4. You have to consider to use peripheral weighted clubs. This kind of clubs have wider head and so you have better chance on hitting the ball. Compare to the traditional clubs, cavity back clubs are suitable for beginner which support you to lessen the possibility of disastrous shot. Don’t be intimidated just because you are still using beginner clubs because learning with the right technique is fundamental and it determines how long you can advance your skill.

5. Be full aware of golfing etiquette. If not, you may act just like a fool around and do not realize what is wrong. You should understand even without no one tells you that when someone is backswing, you are not allowed to talk. You also need to keep yourself from being angry every time your shot is not perfect enough. Make sure you know the etiquette well enough before entering this world. Isn’t it common rule valid for every area.

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