Historical Medan Post Office Attractions

Historical Medan Post Office Attractions in tour package

Bintantravel.com – Medan has a variety of ancient buildings like Medan post office that still stand firm. An old post office building has apparently been established since 1911 and is still functioning today. There are many Historic buildings in Medan City.

Starting from the heritage buildings of the Deli Malay Sultanate. The sultanate that once ruled the Medan and Tanah Deli areas to the Dutch colonial heritage buildings. One of the historic buildings is the Medan post office which is a historical building of Dutch heritage and still stands firmly to this day.

Medan Post Office History

This post office is located in Kesawan Subdistrict, West Medan. Precisely located in the northern part of Merdeka Square. An open field that is considered as the zero point of Medan.

The building was designed by Snuyf. Director of the Dutch Public Works Bureau for the Deli Sultanate. Which began to be built in 1909 to 1911 according to the words ‘ANNO 1911’. On the left and right side walls as proof of the birth of the Dutch heritage building.

Post office architecture is slightly different from other old Dutch heritage buildings in Medan such as City Hall and Bank Indonesia which still have classic designs, which are identical to tendrils and curved shapes.

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Whereas in this post office the architecture is more geometric and has entered the era of modern architecture. In Europe, building design like the Medan Post Office is known by the name of functional modern architecture. This type of architecture is the third generation after classical architecture that was present before 1910 and neo-classical before 1920.

The last two types of architecture have also been used by the Dutch in building several buildings in Medan. The average geometric style building was built before 1935. If you look at the time of the post office in 1911. It was the first era building that used geometric architecture in Medan.

Medan Post Office Now

At present, the Medan Post Office building has been more than a century old. Even so, this building did not experience much change from its original form despite renovations. Even the right and left sides of the carving pigeon logo are still engraved by Dutch trumpets in ancient times.

Likewise its function, this building is still used as a post office with various shipping service activities. This is one of the historical buildings in Medan that still survive among the changing times. To get there you must order Medan tour package first. Bintan Travel has prepared the tour package. You just need to contact the following number +62 819 828 117 for tour package booking confirmation.

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