History of Lake Toba Changes The World’s Climate

Bintantravel.com – Nowadays not many people know the history of Lake Toba is a beautiful. Referring to its origin, Lake Toba itself was actually created through a tragedy in the form of a supereruption from Mount Toba.

A tragedy that had made time on Earth seemed to stop for six years. Human migration is hampered, even with a stagnant human population. How did it happen? What is the magnitude of the eruption of Mount Toba which later gave birth to Lake Toba?

Toba is like a small Indonesia. Displays the irony of beautiful landscapes, water sources and life, but at the same time keeps history — and threats — deadly.

Lake Toba, which is actually a giant volcanic caldera. Has erupted so violently that it changed the climate of the world and almost finished humanity.

Far behind the history of Lake Toba beautiful Lake Toba that stretches out in North Sumatra. A destructive force is hidden in it.  
Around 74,000 years ago, Mount Toba erupted (supereruption). Sending giant hot clouds that covered almost the entire east to west tip of Sumatra Island.

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The entire surface of the earth is surrounded by dust

Millions of cubic meters of ash are spewed. Covering the Indian Ocean to the Arabian Sea and parts of the Pacific Ocean. The sulfuric acid aerosols released then spread widely into the atmosphere and covered the earth to create total darkness for six years.

The earth’s temperature cools to 5 degrees Celsius. Global winter is created by volcanic winter eruptions. Photosynthesis stopped. Plants dying, game hunts thinning. Homo sapiens, at its nadir, only lasts around 3,000.

At the highest level of a volcanic eruption, the scale of the 8 volcanic eruption index (VEI). Toba is a supervolcano, whose eruption has been the strongest in the last two million years.

Although volcanic eruptions, now, are not entirely geological surprises and research on this subject has developed far. However, some basic questions about supervolcanoes, such as Toba, remain difficult to answer. Because of our lack of knowledge about them.

Therefore, Toba formed from a combination of volcano-tectonic processes is actually a storehouse of geology and volcanology at the same time. Which is challenging to examine further.

Toba also attracted the attention of world climate experts, because the impact of the eruption had once cooled the earth’s temperature.

In addition history of Lake Toba is to attracting anthropologists. Archeologists and geneticists related to the impact on the development and migration of modern humans. Human migration stopped and they were isolated in Africa.

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