Interesting Medan Attractions You Must Visit

Interesting Medan Attractions You Must Visit
– This time we will discuss several Medan attractions that should be visited. Medan is somewhat underrated in terms of tourism. Let’s see the attractions worth visiting!

Here is Medan attraction you can visit :

  1. Lake Toba

First Medan attractions you should visit is Lake Toba. Known as the largest lake in the country, and it turns out that the lake is also the largest volcanic lake you can find in this world. With such facts, there is no doubt that the lake is worth visiting! The water is blue and the scenery of the lake is absolutely beautiful as well as wonderful. By taking a ferry, you can also visit the Samosir Island in the middle of the lake. To visit the lake, you need to spend five hours of journey from the main airport.

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  1. Istana Maimun

Istana Maimun, or the Palace of Maimoon in English, is a palace which is 120 years old and one of the best Medan attraction you can visit. When taking a look at the outside of the palace, you will notice that it is built with the combination of three styles, which are Malay, Islamic, and Indian. On the inside, a mix of Spanish and Italian can be found on the furniture and several designs of the interior. The throne room is open for public, while the others are not.

  1. Masjid Raya Medan

The Great Mosque of Medan is called as Masjid Raya Medan or Masjid Raya Al Mashun in Indonesian. The mosque is unique because it was designed with three styles combined, which is Middle Eastern, Indian, and Spanish. It has the capacity of 2,000 people too. It was designed to be connected to a palace where a king used to live. Although the palace no longer exists, the mosque remains.

  1. Rumah Tjong A Fie

The residence of Tjong A Fie or Tjong A Fie Mansion on Jalan Ahmad Yani. Tjong A Fie was a wealthy banker of his time. He is very generous and plays a big role in shaping the city of Medan. He maintained the harmonization of relations with the Dutch East Indies government, the Deli Sultanate and the people of Medan to the Chinese empire.

Tjong A Fie is known to be the first Chinese to have a very large plantation. Its plantations employ more than 10,000 workers and the area of the plantation defeats the plantation area of the Deli Maatschappij.

In running its business, Tjong A Fie always practices 3 things, namely, honest, loyal and united. He was always principled “where the sky is upheld where the earth is stepped on”. He also distributed five percent of the profits to his workers. That is a few of Medan attractions you can find in Medan North Sumatra Indonesia.

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