Jantho Nature Reserve Banda Aceh

Jantho Nature Reserve Banda Aceh

Aceh Besar district does have a wealth of natural tourism that is truly extraordinary. There are various natural attractions such as waterfalls, beaches and other natural attractions that are still untouched by many tourists. In Aceh Besar district there is also a forest that is still very beautiful, and save a variety of flora and fauna in it, the Jantho Nature Reserve.

Jantho Nature Reserve offers a million charms that can be enjoyed by tourists. Overall, the area that also functions as the lungs of the world has an area of up to 8,000 hectares. Within every inch of the forest, will be filled with green trees that make the atmosphere shady and natural. The air in the forest is also very fresh, and free from the name of pollution.

As a nature reserve, the place stores rare flora and fauna that are protected. Not infrequently tourists can see the orangutans are cool hanging by the trees. In addition to orangutans, this area also contains fauna such as forest cats, gibbons, tigers, deer, deer, elephants, jungle goats and much more.

Not only the fauna, there are also various types of plants that decorate this Jantho Nature Reserve. The most interesting of course is the interest of raflesia arnoldi, which is the largest flower in the world. To see the flowers, tourists must come at a certain time because these flowers do not always bloom throughout the year. In addition to raflesia, there are flora such as pine trees, banyan, ebony, resin, medang and many more.

In this nature reserve area tourists can also see the pine forest that grows neatly so as to create a beautiful phenomenon that is quite unique. Pine forest is not rarely used as a background photographed from the climbers. Tourists can also relax by installing a hammock between two pine trees while resting to enjoy the atmosphere that reassures the soul.

In this nature reserve, there is a river with water that is quite clear and not too deep. This river is often used as a resting place when cycling or tracking. You can swim, play water or just wash your face in water that comes from natural springs. The water is very cool and so fresh guys. Please come to see and enjoy your day arround. We have providing Aceh Sabang Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights as you can explore other side of this place from Aceh to Sabang island.


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