Lake Toba Hidden Paradise Indonesia

Lake Toba Hidden Paradise Indonesia, is a large tectonic volcanic natural lake occupies the caldera of a super volcano. Lake Toba has a length about 100 kilometers, a width of about 30 kilometers, and a depth of up to 505 meters (16666 feet). Lake Toba located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia and it is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Lake Toba Hidden Paradise Indonesia, In the middle of this lake, there is a volcanic island called Samosir. If you come to visit North sumatera, just use Lake toba tour from Medan as a local travel agent will offer a complete facilities and good rate. It is very recommended place in Sumatera. If you go to Sumatra, it is better visiting Toba tourist destination and explores the nature here.

The Historical Beauty of Lake Toba

Lake Toba Hidden Paradise Indonesia, The beginning of Lake Toba was formed during an explosion of a mountain approximately 73.000 years in the past and that is the most recent eruption of Supervolcano (volcano). A study says that such a huge eruption caused a lot of eruption. The eruption entered many areas around the mountain and it can destroy the land approximately 2000km2. So, what do you think? It was an extraordinary event caused by a mountain eruption, aren’t?
After the eruption, the development and improvement happened in all fields. Actually, this incident resulted in a lot of problems in various ways. In addition, there are 60% of victims who lost their lives, it’s all very apprehensive.

Some sources said this event happened like in an ice age. But, the eruption effect looks so nice. This is because we can see a beautiful island in the middle of Lake Toba. Samosir, the name of this island, it turned out after the eruption occurred. And Samosir is one of the reasons why Lake Toba tourist destination is the best place to visit.

Back to the topic, for seven years, experts from the Oxford University researching the ecosystem projects in India looking for evidence of life and the lifestyle they left behind in barren fields. This area of thousands of hectares is just a savanna (grassland). While animal bones scattered. The team concluded this large area was covered with dust from the eruption of ancient volcanoes.

The spread of volcanic dust is immense, found almost all over the world. Derived from an ancient supervolcano eruption, which is Mount Toba. Allegations lead to Mount Toba because found evidence of the same form of molecular volcanic ash at 2100 dots.

Since the caldera crater is now a Lake Toba in Indonesia, up to 3000 miles, from the source of the eruption. Even quite surprising, it turns out that the spread of dust to be recorded until the North Pole. This reminds the experts, how terrible the super-eruption of Toba volcano at that time.

Apart from the all the above scientific explanations, it turns out the surrounding people have their own story about the beginning of Lake Toba. The folklore became very popular and make a lot of people who wanted to see Lake Toba.

Imagine The Beautiful of Lake Toba

Indeed, if imagined would be quite difficult to find a place more special and beautiful in addition to Lake Toba. The cool and refreshing atmosphere, the clear blue water, as well as the stunning views of some of the green mountains are a small part of the gigantic lake depiction 900 meters above sea level.

The beautiful of Lake Toba actually almost resembles an ocean rather than a lake, given the size of the area that is not like a lake usually. Toba is one of the largest lakes in Southeast Asia. It is proved that no other lake is bigger. Besides that, Toba has so many good sceneries and this is the reason why Lake Toba tourist destination.

As we know, we never bored of visiting Lake Toba because of the extraordinary is very beautiful. Especially the natural charm that you can enjoy on the Samosir island which is right in the middle of this popular lake tour and that makes LakeToba tourist destination.

Although it has long been opened to be a tourist spot, the Samosir still maintained the natural beauty of the untouched human hands. Around of Lake Toba, you may see the beautiful thing. The area around the lake also has pine forests arranged on the edge of the island. In addition, visitors can also enjoy the waterfall, even on the outskirts of this lake tour, there is also a hot water bath.

For those of you lovers of nature, you can enjoy climbing mountains or who are happy with swimming, you can also do it on the Samosir, or sail on Toba by sailboat.

Lake Toba tourist destination package

Medan Lake Toba 3 Days 2 Nights – is a tour package seeded in North Sumatra. Lake Toba Tour Package includes a combination tour activities conducted in tourist attraction in North Sumatra, such as Nature Tourism LakeToba, Berastagi Tourism, Medan Tourism and Medan Travel Agen.

Every visitor to Lake Toba can see the various natural beauty presented, in addition to the surrounding residents also provide a variety of performances that can entertain the visitors.
Therefore Lake Toba tourist destination package.

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