Medan Airport to Lake Toba Fastest Transportation

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– There are many possible ways from Medan Airport to Lake Toba. You can choose your preferred type of transportation based on the money you have. Let’s check this out!

Here is the fastest transportation from Medan Airport to Lake Toba :

You can buy a connecting flight from Medan Airport to Silangit. It usually takes around 40 minutes to arrive at Silangit airport, it is the fastest way but  off course more expensive rather than another transportation. You also can book the flight ticket through online booking app for more convenience at the same price.

Arrived in Silangit airport take a taxi in front of the airport. Ask the driver to take you to Parapat which takes around a half and an hour driving. From the airport, it is also close to many beautiful and affordable guesthouses at Muara and Balige. Those cities are the southern part of the Lake Toba. Take a boat from Balige to Tuk Tuk to reach Lake Toba.

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Taxi or shared taxi

Another choice is after arrived in Kuala Namu Airport, Medan in the right side you will see  taxi booth. If you are traveling with your buddies, the price will be cheaper for a shared taxi. In a shared taxi, there are usually seven seats. You need to pay for around IDR 600.000 for it. If you are alone, more expensive price will be charged to you. It is because you do not want wait until the shared taxi full.


From Medan airport, you can rent a car with the best deal price. It will take you directly to Lake Toba and cheapest price than another choice. Be careful with dishonest car rents, because you may end up following their itinerary in the end of day. Some of them usually claim in the name of travel agents. That’s why you need to read more reviews about the trusted rent cars in Medan.

Finally those are various options from Medan Airport to Lake Toba. Now, arrange your budget and choose the option right away! But if you do not have travel agent you trusted in Medan. We recommended you Bintan Travel an experienced tour and travel in Medan. Bintan will give you Lake Toba tour from Medan just contact this site or you also can call here +62 819 828 117 for good information and services.

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