Medan Bukit Lawang Tangkahan Tour 3D2N

Medan Bukit Lawang Tangkahan Tour 3D2N

Medan Bukit Lawang Tangkahan Tour 3D2N – To reach Bukit lawang is about 3 hours from the airport by van. Kuala namu is the main entrance by flight. Many flight from diffrent companies such as Garuda airlines, Lion air, City link, Sriwijaya air. There are some direct flights from Singapore to Kuala namu international airport aswell. The air fare is quite cheap.

When following the Bukit Lawang Tangkahan Tour, You can see and interact together the rare and protected animals found in Bukit lawang include mawas / orangutan ( Pongo abelii) , siamang ( Hylobates syndactylus syndactylus ), Sumatran elephants ( Elephas maximus sumatranus ), Sumatran rhinos ( Dicerorhinus sumatrensis sumatrensis ), Sumatran tigers ( Panthera tigris sumatrae ), forest goats ( Capricornis sumatraensis ), hornbills ( Buceros bicornis ), sambar deer ( Cervus unicolor ), and jungle cats ( Prionailurus bengalensis sumatrana ).

About Bukit Lawang and Gunung Leuser park

Bukit Lawang Tourism which is included in the Gunung Leuser National Park is one that was established by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. Based on the Indonesia-Malaysia collaboration, it was also established as “Sister Park” with Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia. Good news you can book Medan Bukit Lawang Tangkahan Tour 3D2N to see the beautiful of natural park.

Bukit Lawang and Gunung Leuser National Park Carry the Title of the Oldest National Park in Indonesia. The unique form of the ecosystem consisting of coastal forest ecosystem types and lowland to mountainous tropical rainforest.  Makes Gunung Leuser National Park very suitable as a habitat for endangered and endemic animals in the world. Such as the Sumatran orangutan, Sumatran elephant ( Elephas maximus sumatranus ).

Sumatran rhinoceros ( Dicerorhinus sumatrensis ), Sumatran tiger ( Panthera tigris sumatrae ), and sun bear ( Helarctos malayanus ). These rare animals are key animals that must be protected to maintain the balance of the forest ecosystem around Gunung Leuser National Park. These animals also play an active role in spreading vegetation in forests through out their home range.

Raflesia Flower

Reflesia Bukit Lawang and Gunung Leuser National Park are one of the largest natural laboratories in the world that have very high biodiversity, both in flora and fauna.

Aside from being a paradise for rare and endemic animals in the world. Gunung Leuser National Park is also a haven for local and foreign researchers because of its number 2 biodiversity in the world after the Amazon forest in Brazil. Researchers can do research on endangered species. Rare flora such as raflesia flowers ( Rafflesia atjehensis ), genetic diversity (germplasm), and about their habitat and ecosystem as a whole. Aside from being a natural laboratory, Gunung Leuser National Park is also useful as ecotourism (ecologically based tourism) and life support.

Bukit Lawang Tourist Destination

In Medan 3 days 2 nights package Bukit Lawang is the favourite attractions. Bukit Lawang is a potential and the huge Gunung Leuser National Park must be managed properly. So that the conservation area remains protected and can be useful for the survival of humanity in the world because Mount Leuser is the lungs of the world.

Leuser Mountain in the Gunung Leuser National Park is one of the largest suppliers of oxygen for living things other than autotrophic organisms (which can make their own food). Both animals, humans and other heterotrophic organisms (which cannot make their own food). Therefore, Gunung Leuser National Park must protect us for a better quality of life.

In the late 19th century and 20th century Tanah Karo residents began to migrate towards Langkat in search of new sources of livelihood, some villages in the border of Langkat district now; Pamah Semelir, Sapo Padang, until and other villages including villages near water sources and rivers in the Tangkahan area. scattered began to be inhabited, settled and married.

Tangkahan Tourist Destination

Tangkahan Tourism is one of the most diverse areas in the world, which is also home to some of the most endangered species of the earth. Not only that Bukit Lawang Tourism Package Can Enjoy Conditions that are still beautiful, cool, rich in flora and fauna, for friends An adventurous Esia Travel to enjoy the Tropical Forest, Tangkahan is one of the best. Tangkahan has a natural appeal and affirms the enchanting beauty of nature. Thats why Medan Bukit Lawang Tangkahan Tour 3D2N is a good choice for your adventure.

The Elephants

Tangkahan elephants is existence of elephants patrols, wild Sumatran Orangutans and panoramic views of the beautiful tropical rainforest in Tangkahan. It  makes this area a tourist destination favored, which has an area of ​​± 17,000 ha located in Namo Sialang Village Batang Serangan District, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province. Geographically located at 03º05’30 “LU and 098º04’26.8” BT. Tangkahan because of its beauty is famous as a hidden paradise in Sumatra. So lucky you can see this world heaven in Medan Bukit Lawang Tangkahan Tour 3D2N.

This area has lowland and highland ecosystem types with forest conditions that are still preserved purity. Flora fauna in this area are semar bags, rafflessia, Amorphophalus sp, damar, meranti, mayang. While fauna you can see in this area are elephants, orangutans, long-tail macaques, tigers, forest goats, wild pigs, kuau birds and others.

Gua kalong

Gua Kalong Tangkahan is in the form of hot springs, bat caves, goat caves, waterfalls and trekking paths on foot or by climbing the Sumatran Elephant . Activities that can be amazing adventure and revealing the secrets of Sumatra’s tropical rainforest by trekking or riding Sumatran Elephants. With short routes and long routes to Bukit Lawang, bathing the Sumatran Elephant, navigating river rapids using tires (tubbing) or rubber boat.

Camping Ground

Camping ground area, exploring the caves of nature. Refreshing the body by bathing in a clear river, observing animal attractions. Watching local cultural attractions and enjoying local specialties with a variety of beauty and ecosystems that were served.


The Itynerary Medan Bukit Lawang Tangkahan Tour 3D2N


Upon arrival in Medan – Kuala namu international airport, meet by driver / tour guide. Then leave to Bukit Lawang. Will takes about 3 hours to reach there.

Arrive, Check in to hotels in Bukit Lawang and stay in a comfortable room of your choice at Ecolodge or Jungle Inn with a bathroom with a balcony overlooking the river plus the atmosphere of a typical Sumatran tropical forest and dinner served in the hotel restaurant or at a local restaurant. Free times.


Breakfast at hotel, then start trekk to see orangutan. Depart at 0700 am with local ranger. Trekk about 4 hours cross the river with traditional bamboo bridge. Then back to hotel with tubing. Check out, then go to Tangkahan. The place of elephants of Sumatra. It takes 2 hours use a jeep 4WD passing bumpy roads. Arrive in tangkahan, see the elephants. You can wash them in the river and takes pictures. Or do jungle trekk by ridding the elephants. Finished them, and check in hotel, rest time. Enjoy your nights by river side.


Last day of our Medan Bukit Lawang Tangkahan Tour 3D2N is breakfast at hotel. Driver / guide will pick you up. Depart to Medan / Kuala namu international airport.

Tour end, see you on next trip.

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