Enjoy Medan Bukit Lawang Tour and Jungle Trek

Enjoy Medan Bukit Lawang Tour and Jungle Trek
– There are several services that offer Medan Bukit Lawang tour and jungle trek. By hiring the service, you can do several activities. The jungle trip in North Sumatra tours is very fun but also challenging. You can get this amazing trip Sumatra tour  package in Bintan Travel as an experienced  and trusted travel agent in Medan. For more info you can contact here +62 819 828 117

Well, let’s see the activities are!

Seeing orangutan

Since Bukit Lawang is within the habitat range of this rare ape, it is highly possible that you would encounter one. Pongo abelii, or Sumatran orangutan, is a species of great apes that are native to the island of Sumatra. This gentle giant is usually found on the tree and eats a wide range of fruits and leaves. Although this red-haired ape is usually peaceful, a special care is nonetheless necessary when near it.

Playing with tame elephants

Another species of animal you can find when having a Medan Bukit Lawang tour and jungle trek is the Sumatran elephant. A subspecies of Asian elephant, Elephas maximus sumatranus is one of the rarest elephants in the world. You can get the chance of playing with one of them which inhabits the forest of Bukit Lawang. Usually, the elephant can be found near the river so you can play and splash water with it.

Spotting a Rafflesia Arnoldii

More commonly called as a corpse lily or Padma raksasa in Indonesian, it is also the largest parasitic plant ever known to mankind. The nickname is attributed to its infamous smell which is similar to a rotten meat. This plant can be found in the forest of Bukit Lawang, although it is very rare. If you are lucky enough, perhaps you can take a photograph of it and live to tell the tale!

Exploring the Bat Cave

Inside the forest of Bukit Lawang, there is a cave that is called as Gua Kampret in Indonesian or Bat Cave. The cave is approximately 500 meters in depth and very dark. Fortunately, you can have a torch from the local guide, if you hire his/her service. Well, those are the things you can do when doing Medan Bukit Lawang tour and jungle trek.

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