Medan Golf Courses

Medan Golf Courses

Famous Medan Golf Courses – Everyone who is planning vacation will love to be able to do their hobby especially golf in Medan golf courses. Since golf need specific area which you couldn’t find at any vacation spot easily, you need to make sure that the place you are going to go has golf course for you. Medan golf course does not offer you only a great course with its 18 tees and 9 holes. Medan golf course will also provide you with splendid scenery of hilly foreland where you can enjoy the magnificent views of sea.


By choosing one of Medan golf package they offered, you will be able to enjoy challenging yet interesting game you love. Whether you are just an amateur or advanced player, you can really get excited by playing golf wholeheartedly there. The situation is categorically comfortable since Medan golf package is informal and friendly to the rest family accompany you.

Occupant Procedure

If you choose to visit Medan golf course during weekend, it is best that you book it first 1 or 2 weeks before to make sure you get a game. Meanwhile, the tee time accessibility is usually very good during the week, that you hardly need for booking.

Golf Party

You can pick golf party of Medan golf package if you plan to have a small tournament with more than 10 friends . Catering is also available to be arranged beside the package itself. After golfing, you can take rest and talk leisurely at the clubhouse in Medan golf courses. While enjoying snacks and light refreshments, you can be entertained by panoramic views.

1. Martabe Sejahtera Golf Resort Medan

Martabe golf resort is one of the famous Medan golf package you can choose to visit with your friends. It features 18 holes where you can challenge and elevate your skill significantly. The course is designed by Greg Norman who wish to present golf course which becomes one with the nature itself. The beauty of nature environment is maintained using the best effort while preserving the original land contour.

2. Royal Sumatra Golf and Country Club

Royal Sumatra Golf is located not far from the center town. The place is reputable for its national and international tournament level. With 84-hectare land, everyone could be golfing with the most challenging 18 holes where 15 holes of it feature water hazard.

Royal Sumatra provides the latest facilities including buggy car, clubhouse and open track for jogging. Royal Sumatra golf is built using balance concept of environment, public facility and residence. You will find that it has blended enough the surrounding nature.

3. Bukit Barisan Country Club

The last Medan golf courses is Bukit barisan country club is designed by Jack Nicklaus. It was the earliest golf course in Asia which also offer 18 holes. Each hole will give you unique challenging that you would like to absolutely subdue it. Every visitor will be satisfied with the golf fairway and suggested for both beginner or experienced golfer. It is known as affordable one where you can find friendly atmosphere and good services of management. As the first golf course ever constructed in Asia, Bukit Barisan becomes the first option when visiting Medan.

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