Medan Golf Package

Medan golf package is a tour itynerary which is created complete with golf play Medan. Many golf club that can be find such Royal sumatra golf club, Martabe golf club, Bukit barisan golf club, and Graha helvetia golf club. As Medan is the third lagest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, and second largest is Surabaya then Medan.

The one largest Airport in Medan is Kuala namu international airport ( KNIA ). All the tourists are coming from this gate. Flights to be choosed are many like domestic and international flights. When you plan to do tour or Golf in Medan or  other activities in North sumatra province must come from this airport.

Below  a bit explenation  kinds of Golf courses in Medan.


The golf club which is located in Jalan jamin ginting padang bulan Medan. This place not far away from 0 kilometer Medan. Just about 30 minutes and even from your hotel accomodation. Have 18 holes, and open everyday except on Monday will be closed.


This club located in Medan tuntungan. More far combines with Royal sumatra golf course. Take about 1 hour from 0 kilometer. Have 18 holes  aswell.


This Medan golf course which is located in Medan tuntuungan aswell. Have 18 holes and take about 1 hour from central of the city.


It is located in Medan helvetia. From 0 kilometer of Medan to this place about 40 minutes by van. This course normally not provided a buggy, but if you insist it, must under request before play.

Thats all golf courses recomended to play in Medan. And if you need information about Medan golf package just contact us for the arrangement and reservation. We offer you a good price and best services.

Below is Medan Golf Package Options


Medan Golf Package 2D1N

Medan Golf Package 2D1N

This golf tour is a short leisure and holidays to Medan city North sumatra. We bring you to play 2 x 18 holes in Medan. You can choose which golf club you prefer to do.

We suggest you take flight arrival in the morning, then can play immediately before check in hotel. Then on day 2 before leave to the airport, still doing golf at the same or diffrent golf course.


Medan Golf Package 3D2N

Medan Golf Package 3D2N

A tour and play golf in Medan during 3 days and 2 nights which is created combined with tour aswell.

The tour itynerary on this package we offer play 2 x 18 holes only as in this programme. Anyway, if you prefer to do playing 3 x 18 holes we can do. Please take arrival flight in the morning before 1000am, and the departure time on last day at noon flight.


Medan Golf Package 4D3N

Visit Medan North sumatra and tour in Medan during 4D3N while enjoy playing golf for 2 times. In this itynerary we arrange only 2 x 18 holes. If you want to play 3 or 4 times it does not matter, it depends on you arrival and departure time.

We can add as long as you arrive in the morning, and leave at afternoon flight. Please click above link for more details.

Medan Golf package 4D3N

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