Medan Lake Toba Simalem Resort Tour Package 3D2N

Medan Lake Toba Simalem Resort Tour Package 3D2N

Medan lake toba Simalem resort tour package 3D2N is one of the best seller tour programme to explore the beauty of best destinations. This one will set you stay 1 night in Lake toba. Then next day saty 1 night in Simalem resort in karo highland viewing the lake toba side. Many intrested places that can be visited in North sumatra. Let us read some of them.

Best Place to Visit in North Sumatra. While doing Medan Lake Toba Simalem Resort Tour Package 3D2N

Not only Bali, Indonesia still has many islands and places keeping various tourist spots that are worth visiting. One of them is North Sumatera. Province that has many beautiful and attractive places to stop by. Do you want to know the best place to be visited in North Sumatera? Here are the most popular tourist spots which are often included in the Medan 3 days 2 nights tour package.

Lake Toba

Lake Toba is also known as the largest and most extensive volcanic lake in Indonesia. This place is one of the most popular attractions in North Sumatera. Offering a wide view of the lake with rows of mountains surrounding it. In addition to enjoying the scenery. There are several activities that you can do around this place. Such as cycling around the Tuktuk Siadong-along Village. Visiting historic sites and visiting traditional houses of Batak tribe.

Samosir Island

If you take Medan Lake Toba Simalem Resort tour package 3D2N visit Samosir Island is favourites. A volcanic island in the middle of Lake Toba with an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. The island also has an area of approximately 647 square kilometers. Tourists can learn and get to know more about the culture and history of the Batak tribe here.

Lumbini Nature Park

Lumbini Nature Park is one of the highest and most beautiful pagodas that Indonesia has. The Pagodas is located on a hill in Berastagi. This pagoda has four medium sized Buddha rooms and the middle part as a location for visitors who want to pray. In addition, inside the Lumbini Nature Park, stands a magnificent Buddhist temple and a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda which originally located in Burma.

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall

Another amazing natural attractions in Sumatra is Sipiso-Piso waterfall. It is located in Tongging Village, North Sumatra. The panorama is so breathtaking, the waterfall with a height of about 120 meters surrounded by pine forests. The waterfall is one of the highest and best waterfalls in Indonesia. To get the best spot, you can go to the viewing post there on top of the hill. Medan Lake Toba Simalem Resort tour package 3D2N also can include visit this waterfall.


Tangkahan is between two villages, Sei Serdang and Namo Sialang. This place is known as a place for wild elephants. Not only that, the natural charm is still beautiful, like a river that is still clear and clean. This place we are not going to visit because the location is the diffrent way to Lake toba. But if take 4 or 5D4N Lake toba tour package can visit and we arrange the tour itynerary accordingly.

Maimoon Palace

Recently, Maimun Palace is the icon of Medan, North Sumatra. Since 1946, this palace has been inhabited by the heirs of the Deli Sultanate. The palace was built in the area of more than 2,700 meters and has more than 30 rooms with such a beautiful interior design. The design is a mixture of Islamic, Malay, Spanish, and Italian culture.

Besides taking pictures in this historic building, visitors can also see collections of sultan’s family photo collections, old Dutch furniture, and various weapons. Located on Medan Maimun District, Maimun Palace has become one of the tourist attractions in North Sumatra. This ancient palace is always the favourits place for the people who come to Medan. The entrance fee for Istana Maimun is very affordable, only 5,000 Rupiah per person.

After reading this article, have you decided the best place to be visited in North Sumatera during your holiday break? Do not forget to search the information about Medan Lake toba Simalem resort tour package 3D2N. 

Below is the tour itynerary Medan Lake Toba Simalem Resort Tour 3D2N

DAY 1 : KNIO AIRPORT – LAKE TOBA  ( Lunch / Dinner )

Arriving at the arrival door of Kualanamu International Airport you will be welcomed by our representative, “Welcome to Medan, then go to a local restaurant to have lunch. After finishing lunch, the trip continues to Parapat via Siantar. The trip will take 4 hours by crossing rubber and oil palm plantations.

During the trip we will stop for a moment at the Patent Shop to buy various City Siantar souvenirs such as tengteng, tingting, tang tang and so on. After completing the trip, continue the trip to Parapat, and accordign to the plan in afternoon we will arrive in Parapat

Arriving at Parapat next we will take you to the hotel for a short break until dinner time arrives. Dinner will at a local restaurant or restaurant.  After dinner at the hotel you can relax enjoying traditional Batak music. After finishing, rest and free program


After breakfast at the hotel then prepare for the final crossing process for Samosir Island. The trip to Samosir Island is about one hour by boat.

When we arrived at Samosir, we headed straight to Tomok Village to uncover the mystery of the tomb of King Sidabutar and the legend of the beautiful Putri Anting Melala. Then visit  the Tomb of  Sibautar king, you can also see the Sigale-gale dance performances in this place.

Sigale Gale Dance

Sigale-gale dance is one of the traditional Batak dances in Samosir. Sigale-gale is a wood carving that resembles a human and can dance with the accompaniment of traditional Batak music ( by personal exspense )

After completion, hunt for souvenirs or souvenirs at the Tomok Traditional Market. After completing the souvenir hunt, we will go to Tomok Ferry Port for the crossing back to Parapat. Arriving at Parapat directly to a local restaurant to carry out lunch.

After finishing lunch the trip will proceed to Taman Simalem Resort. The trip to the best resort in North Sumatra is about 4 hours by crossing hills and winding roads. During the trip to Berastagi we will stop at some tourist attractions. Such as Simarjarunjung hill to enjoy ginger tea and its famous fried banana ( personnal expense ).

After that, we also stop for a moment at Tongging Village to see the Sipiso-piso Waterfall. Sipiso-piso known as one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia. Next, continue the journey to Taman Simalem Resort.

Usually in afternoon we will arrive Taman Simalem Resort. Arriving at the resort we will take you around for a while to see organic plantations and views of Lake Toba from the north side.

After completion, the check-in process is finish for a while until dinner time arrives. Your dinner is in the hotel restaurant (halal food). And free program. Please enjoy the night of the high hill.


After breakfast at the hotel then depart for Berastagi. Arriving at Berastagi tour visit Gundailing Hill, Berastagi Fruit Market and Swedaghon Park Lumbini Berastagi Pagoda. After the trip, proceed to Medan City via Sembahe. The trip will take 2 hours by crossing the winding and hilly roads.

Arriving in Medan City directly headed to a local restaurant to carry out lunch. After lunch we will invite you to tour visiting Maimun Palace. Medan Grand Mosque or hunt for typical Medan souvenirs such as Bika Ambon, Bolu Meranti and Durian Pancakes.

Tour Medan Lake Toba Simalem Resort tour package 3D2N end, see you on next trip.

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Below is the details of price list Medan Lake Toba Simalem Resort Tour Package 3D2N

Medan Lake Toba Simalem Resort Tour Package 3D2N

  • Above price is not valid during public holidays and peak season. Please feel free to chat with us for further information and good rate for group booking. Call / whatsapp at +62 819 828 117
  • Special for Europe market More then 09 pax group will use an english tour guide.



  • Hotel 2 nights stay as choice.
  • Deluxe transportation AC
  • Meals as mention in the itynerary ( 2-3 pax is not included Lunch & Dinner ).
  • Professsional driver or tour guide indonesia / english speaking
  • Boat to samosir island / returned
  • Entrance fees
  • Tol / parking
  • Daily mineral water



  • Personnal expenses such as telephone, mini bar, laundry
  • Tipping for driver / guide
  • Optional tour / flight tickets.
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