Medan Lake Toba Tours Simplest Way

Medan Lake Toba Tours
– If you have a plan to visit Medan Lake Toba tours, then we will give you the detail information how to get there. Here is how you must go there!

Why choose Medan Lake Toba tours ?
  • Perfect weather

There is no perfect time to relax rather than in a perfect weather. Lake Toba’s middle temperature will give you ease and comfort to enjoy the surrounding. Even though you are at the top of a hotel, you will still feel the freshness air from Lake Toba.

  • Peace

Visiting Lake Toba will give you a chance to do simply nothing. Just relax and enjoy the view around you. Get a chance to mingle with the local people and good food.

  • Nature

It is no doubt that the breathtaking view of Lake Toba becomes the center of attention for tourists around the world. Green, high trees surround the lake and clear water will make you forget about boring routines you do every day and another things is let yourself take a break.

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How to get there from Medan

First, you need to book a flight from your origin country to Medan. The duration also depends on the origin of your country. From Singapore, it usually takes 2 to 5 hours. Next, you need to go to Parapat from the airport by bus, a rented car, a taxi, or a private car. Parapat is a little town and the nearest town to Lake Toba. It usually takes 5 to 6 hours.

Last but not least, to complete Medan Lake Toba tours you need to go to Tuk Tuk, Island of Samosir by ferry.  The journey just takes around 45 minutes. You can buy the ticket on the ticket room or simply pay it on the boat. There is a schedule for the boat with an hour interval. You need to stay the night if you are late to catch the boat.

That’s how you go to Lake Toba tour from Medan. For more easy way is you can order the package in a trusted travel agent in Medan that is Bintan Travel. Get teh best service and comparative price by call here +62 819 828 117. Isn’t simple? Share your journey with us and have fun!

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