Medan Tour & Lake Toba Tour

Medan Tour & lake Toba Tour – If you live in Singapore or other countries, but want to spend your holiday in Medan, maybe you want to check the Medan tour package and Lake Toba tour. And if you have a plan to stay in Medan or in Lake toba, all your long holidays you might want to read the following list of the best thing to do in North Sumatera.

Medan Tour & Lake Toba tour is a ityneraries that you can choose depends on your time to spend and your budget. We give many choices of prices and tour packages starts from 2 days 1 nights until 6 days 5 nights and even more days.

Things To Do In North Sumatra

Riding Bentor (Motorized Becak)
Bentor is a means of transportation in North Sumatra that is very easy to find, cheap and fast. Bentor can be found in almost all roads in Medan city.

Exploring Medan-Style Food

Enjoy various culinary experiences in North Sumatra, ranging from typical Karo dishes such as Arsik, a famous local restaurant with Indian- cuisine specialties, a 24-hour snack center for young people at Merdeka Road, the delicious Aceh noodles, until durian fruit and durian pancakes. If you are a lover of durian, you should try Durian Ucok.

Visiting the Old Historic Building

The city of Medan also has a lot of relics of old buildings such as Istana Maimun, Dutch heritage, and Tjong A Fie Mansion in Kesawan. For those who are another fans of cultural history, both places will be very interesting to visit.

Visiting and Praying in Medan Grand Masjid

For Muslims who come to visit the city of Medan. Maybe praying at the Medan Grand Masjid can be a nice spiritual experience. For non-Muslims, this mosque can be a historical tourist destination because it has a historical value from the time of Sultan Makmoen Al Rasjid.

Remedies for Batak Apostles on Tarutung’s Love Cross

Thanks to his services, Nommensen has been considered a Batak person and is nicknamed the Batak Asphodel. Dolok Siatas Barita has become a spiritual attraction for Christians since 1993. No wonder it has been visited by many domestic and foreign tourists.

Sightseeing at Lumbini Nature Park

This park is another tourist destinations located in Tongkoh Village, Karo District. In the Lumbini park, the highest pagoda in Indonesia has been built. It is a replica of the Shwe Dagon Pagoda which is originally in Myanmar. You only need two hours to reach this place from Medan city.

Trekking on Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is another destinations to see Orang Utan conservation area located in Langkat Regency, North Sumatra. For the lovers of animals and the wild, this place is perfect to explore. Bukit Lawang is only about three hours from Medan city.

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall

The highest waterfall in Indonesia is worth a visit. From here you can enjoy the view of the waterfall which seems to split a high cliff and to the left of Lake. Sipiso-Piso waterfall will certainly provide an unforgettable experience.

Lake Toba

Lake Toba Tour will escort you visiting The beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir that was created due to the supervolcano eruption around 75,000 years ago. Its natural beauty is very famous to foreign countries and attracts foreign tourists to visit. Lake Toba is about for 4-5 hours from Medan to Parapat.

Test the guts in the Crocodile Park

This largest reptile park in Indonesia is located 5 kilometers from the city Medan. Contains more than 2,000 crocodiles of various sizes and ages. Lho Than Muk is the person behind the existence of this crocodile breeding. Prepare yourself now.

That is the list of best thing to do in North Sumatera. And for you who come from outside the province, especially Singapore, do not forget to book the Medan Tour & Lake Toba tour package or look for cheap flight tickets to Kuala Namu International Airport.

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