Most Friendly Country in The World You Should Visit

Most Friendly Country in The World You Should Visit – Indonesia is one of the most friendly country in the world. As a tourist in a certain country, you will definitely feel comfortable if the local residents smile kindly at you. Reporting from Rough Guides, some of the countries below are the most friendly countries in the world. The rating is according to the vote on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the ist of most friendly country in the world you should visit :

1. Ethiopia

This country that has never been colonized is considered to be the most friendly country in the world with its uniqueness. Alexa Vardy commented that Ethiopia is also a beautiful country with an extraordinary population.

2. India

In India, you will meet new faces every minute. Many people will pass by to the market or meet you. This country has the second most friendly population in the world.

3. Uganda

Many people don’t know about this country. However, who would have thought this country was also inside the list of the most friendly population in the world. The country was nicknamed “The Pearl of Africa” ​​by Winston Churchill. Author of the United Kingdom and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

4. Colombia

Colombians a country with high hospitality. Evidently from the rank 4 he got. Charming colonial cities and beaches with lots of waving flowers you can find in this country.

5. Japan

This cherry blossom country is so advanced with its latest technologies. Although there are various rules that apply regarding the use of chopsticks or so on. This country nowadays still a country with friendly locals. Even though you can’t speak the language, you don’t need to worry when straying in Japan because they will be very happy to help you.

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6. Indonesia

Indonesian hospitality is known to foreign countries. A variety of cultures and tourist attractions attract tourists to visit Indonesia. The community is friendly and fun to talk to. Proud to be an Indonesian!

7. Kenya

The country which has more than 40 ethnic groups is also considered as the most populous country in the world. In this country, locals usually speak in 3 languages. The languages ​​used include their own language, English and Swahili.

8. Myanmar

One of the countries in Southeast Asia has a friendly population. Prove the friendliness of the local residents at a teahouse or some other eating place.

9. Finland

Visit locations that are frequented by locals, such as saunas. Starting from there, invite someone to chat and you will get to know Finnish people easily because of their hospitality.

10. Bolivia

This country located in South America was once considered the most inhospitable country in the world. However, according to vote counts, the public considers Bolivia to have a fairly friendly population.

What do you think? Do you agree? Of course many people agree because Indonesia in the list of countries with a high level of hospitality. One of the interesting cities to visit in Indonesia, namely the city of Medan. The third largest city in Indonesia, you can see many interesting sights in Medan.

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