Mount Sibayak, The Highest Peak in North Sumatra

Mount Sibayak, The Highest Peak in North Sumatra
– Mount Sibayak is a volcanic mountain class that is still active and has hot steam. The eruption of Mount Sibayak which occurred several times ago. Greatly shook the rocks in the mountain peak. With the condition of irregular rocks, it is actually a unique thing that is very interesting for us to test their adrenaline to conquer Mount Sibayak to reach its peak.

There will be crowded climbers to choose to climb at night just to see the sunrise. Ideally, you should go on a hike starting at 2:00 a.m., but don’t worry, because the atmosphere at night will keep your mesmerized. Coupled with the lights dirimah residents who will illuminate the sky of Mount Sibayak.

In addition to the beauty at the top of Mount Sibayak, there is a flow of water between the mountain rocks which is really refreshing. This water flow is widely used by residents to be used as a source of drinking water. The water is cold and very clear. Other areas on Mount Sibayak, which are often become a picture’s object by visitors. Are on the crater of Mount Sibayak. Inside the crater there is a rock with a crater.


The location of Mount Sibayak is in the high karo land of North Sumatra. The height of this sibayak mountain is usually made for climbing around 2,094 meters. For the transportation route from the city of Medan tourist will take a journey of approximately 77 kilometers with about 2 hours to get to the berastegi.

You can choose to use vehicles that are 2 wheels or 4 wheels. And to reach the location there are two routes, namely the berastegi village or the mountain spirit village. But to get to the location you must pass the path along the tropical forest with steep cliffs.

Ticket prices for entry to the location of 2000 rupiah per person. Around the area of ​​Mount Sibayak, lodging facilities are located near the tourist attraction. the way to explore the highest peaks in sumatra is quite easy. You only need to join the Sumatra tour package on a travel agent. Bintan travel is one of the travel that provides the package. Immediately contact the contact number on this website.



You do not need to worry about starvation when visiting Mount Sibayak Tourism. This is because in the Berastagi area which is the route to Mount Sibayak Tourism there are many places to eat. Here also you can fill the supplies needed to climb the mountain peak.


To be able to get to Mount Sibayak Tourism, you can use private or public transportation, both two-wheeled or four-wheeled or more. For you who use public transportation, then from Medan city take an angkot or bus that goes to Brastagi, get off at the Brastagi terminal. From Brastagi take an angkot or walk to Jaranguda Village, from here the journey to the top of your begins.

Travel Tips Access Transportations

Access to be able to get to Mount Sibayak Tourism, which is from Medan City to Berastagi. Which is approximately 77 km away, can be reached with approximately two hours driving two or four-wheeled vehicles. To reach the mountain location, you can go through the following route :

Sibayak I Line, this hiking trail starts from the foot of this mountain, namely in the village of Raja Berneh or Berna. This route passes through the hot spring bathing place of Lau Sidebuk-Debuk.

Sibayak II Line, this hiking trail starts from the foot of this mountain, which is in the village of Jaranguda. This village is only 3 km from the city of Brastagi.

Line 54, this line starts from the tongkoh (bakaran lumpur) area located on the Medan-Berastagi highway.

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