North Sumatra Tourist Attraction Indonesia

North Sumatra Tourist Attraction Indonesia

39 Beautiful and Interesting Places to Visit in North Sumatra. In addition to saving cultural tourism, this province also has many potential natural attractions that can be developed. Well, here are some tourist attractions in Sumatra that show off natural wealth.

List of Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra Tour

1. Gunung Leuser National Park

If you are already familiar with mountain national parks on Java, maybe it’s time for you to explore Sumatra. One of them is Gunung Leuser National Park.
Here, you can enjoy the beauty of nature by climbing mountains or just trekking or crossing the country.
This national park area crosses two provinces, namely the provinces of North Sumatra and Nangroe Aceh Darussalam.
This beautiful and soothing natural landscape is increasingly complete with various types of flora and fauna that make Gunung Leuser National Park its habitat.

2. Tangkahan

Tangkahan is an area that is included in Gunung Leuser National Park, North Sumatra. Having hilly landforms, leafy tropical forests and cool atmosphere adds to the charm of natural beauty.
Tangkahan is perfect for nature lovers. There are several activities that we can do in Tangkahan such as swimming, elephant riding, trekking, playing in waterfalls, entering bat caves, and others.

3. Lake Toba

Lake Toba was formed by a volcanic eruption several centuries ago. The lake which is a favorite tourist destination is also an icon of North Sumatra.
There are many inns if you want to spend the night here. Lake Toba is always crowded with tourists both on weekdays and weekends or holidays.

4. Samosir Island

This island is located in the middle of Lake Toba. To reach the island which has a height of 1,000 meters above sea level, you can use a ferry or take a land route.
On this island, you will find interesting and beautiful natural scenery. In addition, you can also get new experiences by enjoying the unique culture, history as well as the typical culinary Batak.On this island there is also a hot spring that is ready to spoil you.

5. Gunung Timur Temple

Keleteng Vihara Gunung Timur is the largest Chinese temple (Taoism) in the city of Medan. The temple which was built in the 1930s is located on Jalan Hang Tuah, located on the side of the Babura River or about 500 meters from Sri Mariamman Temple.

6. Annai Velangkanni Graha Church

Graha Annai Velangkanni Church is one of the religious sights in Medan that you can visit. The existence of this building is very interesting in the area due to its towering shape and very contrast to the state of the surrounding buildings.

The building is also filled with ornaments and paintings both inside and outside that have their own meaning that makes the whole building filled with meaningful symbols.
This Annai Velangkanni Mary Graha is located at Address: Jln. Sakura No. 03, Tuntungan, Tanjung Selamat Village, Medan and open every day.

7. The TNI Struggle Museum

The museum was opened in 1971. Inside it was stored historical objects during the struggle for Indonesian independence against the rebellion in 1958.
The historical values in this museum provide an overview of the greatness of the Heroes’ Struggle in the past. This museum is located at Jln. Zainul Arifin, Medan City and relatively easy to find.

8. Medan Zoo

The Zoo is managed by the Medan City Government where there are various collections of tropical animals, mammals such as Tigers, Elephants, Lions, Bears.
Medan Zoo is located at Jl. Brig. Gen. Katamso, Kp. Baru, Medan Maimun, Kota medan, or about 10 Km from the city center. The entry tariff is fairly cheap, enough with Rp. 7,000, – and is open every day from 09.00 to 17.00 WIB.

9. Medan Crocodile Park

This park has been inhabited by approximately 2600 crocodiles whose maintenance began in 1959. This Crocodile Park is located in the Asam Kumbang village, Medan Selayang District.
In this park you can see newborn crocodiles until 25-year-old crocodiles and some crocodiles have been trained to perform amazing attractions.
Medan Crocodile Park is located at Jln Bunga Raya II No. 59 Sunggal and open at 09.00 WIB until 17.00 WIB

10. Medan Grand Mosque

One of the North Sumatra icons located in Medan City is the Medan Grand Mosque. This mosque, built with high cultural and historical values, is the largest mosque in North Sumatra.
If you want to visit this mosque, you can find it at Sisingamangaraja Street, Medan.

11. Maimun Palace

Maimun Palace is a Deli Sultanate palace which has also become one of the icons of Medan. This Instana is located on Jalan Brigadier General Katamso, Sukaraja Sub-District, Medan Maimun District.

If you like to travel to historical places, Maimun Palace is the right place for you to visit.
Apart from its history, the Palace also has a unique interior design, where a blend of elements of Malay cultural heritage are combined with the style of Islam, Spain, India and Italy that can fascinate tourists.

12. Rahmat International Wildlife Museum and Gallery

This one tourism object is a museum and gallery that exhibits a collection of preserved animals. This museum turns out to have the most complete collection of preserved animals in Asia, you know! Great, right? You can visit this museum on Jalan S. Parman, Medan.
You can enjoy tours in this museum during the day or night with its night safari program, such as at Taman Safari, Cisarua.

13. Lake Siombak

Lake Siombak is a lake with an area of approximately 40 hectares located in Paya pasir Village, Medan. Danau Siombak is an area of Medan community idol weekend, especially for those who want to have fun while fishing.

Besides that there are also children’s playgrounds to various types of water games so that Lake Siombak is very appropriate for a weekend sightseeing spot for the residents of the terrain and its surroundings. there are rarely special visitors who come to Lake Siombak.

14. Kampung Keling Medan

Kampung Madras or also known as Kampung Keling is an area or village in the city of Medan, where the majority of the population is Keling or Indian.

The atmosphere in this village is very thick with the customs of Indian residents who are Hindus.
In this location there are quite a lot of typical Dutch heritage buildings so that besides cultural tourism, we can also enjoy historical tours in Keling Village. Besides that, we can also enjoy Indian-style culinary tours, and shop for Indian knick-knacks.

15. Maha Vihara Adhi Maitreya

Religious recreational objects that you can visit during your recreation in Medan, namely Maha Vihara Adhi Maitreya. Another name for this sightseeing object is Vihara Cemara Asri. Yes, some people call it that because the monastery area is in the Cemara Asri Housing complex.

Inside there are three sacred statues, namely Hakim Bao, Buddha Statue, and Dewi Kwan Im. Activities that can be done in addition to worship for Buddhists is taking photos, because the location is beautiful and attractive as a backdrop.

16. Dolok Tinggi Raja Hot Snow

Actually, this “snow” is the land in the white, warm, Snow White High King area, like snow. In addition to this white land area, you can also find a lake of hot water that has a greenish-green color here. Therefore, this place is called hot snow.

17. Telaga Dwi Warna Sibolangit Waterfall

For those of you who are adventure lovers, traveling to Telaga Dwi Warna Sibolangit Waterfall is the right choice. This waterfall is located in the Sibolangit forest.

This waterfall is located in Kab. Deli Serdang, or about 2 hours drive by land vehicle from Medan City. After arriving in the Sibolangit forest, you must walk through the forest which is still quite thick.

This trip can take up to 3 hours or more depending on the speed of your trip. This trip will be very tiring but fun.
After arriving at Sibolangit Telaga Dwi Warna Waterfall, all your struggles will be paid for by the beauty of the waterfall which has two colors, namely blue for cold water and white for warm water.

18. Lake Linting

A volcanic lake with a size of about 1 hectare and containing sulfur which makes the color of the water colored greenish.

If you want to swim, you need to be careful because Lake Linting has a depth of more than 100 meters. The ticket fee for entering Lake Linting is 5,000 Rupiah and is located in Deli Serdang Regency

19. Green Hill City / Hillpark Sibolangit

Located in Suka Makmur Sibolangit Village, Deli Serdang, Green Hill City is a recreational park that has many types of games. Well like Dufan in Jakarta. Green Hill City is one of the largest game parks in Sumatra, which has an area of around 20 hectares.

As the name implies, Green Hill City is in a mountainous area that has a height of about 550 meters above sea level so that cool air can be found here.

20. Sibolangit Nature Reserve

An area that has an area of about 24 hectares located in Deli Serdang Regency has a hilly landform and is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level.
Sibolangit Nature Reserve presents very beautiful scenery and cool air. Besides nature tourism, Sibolangit Nature Reserve is a favorite location for scout camp activities.

21. Lumbini Nature Park Pagoda

Pagoda located at the foot of Mount Sibayak, Kab. Karo has a unique form of the highest pagoda in Indonesia. The pagoda is a replica of Myanmar’s Shwedago Pagoda. To enter this area do not need to pay for a ticket.

22.  Sibayak Mount

The mountain that lies in Kab. Karo is an active mountain. Sibayak Mountain is one of the best spots to see the city of Medan from a height.
In addition this place is also often used to see the sunrise. You simply pay a levy of Rp. 4 thousand to climb this mountain.

23. Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Sipiso-piso Waterfall which is a natural tourism area that is located near the settlements of the residents of Tongging Village, Merek District, Karo Regency.
Surrounded by green hills overgrown with pine forests add to the cozy atmosphere of this place.

24. Lake Lau Kawar

Lake Lau Kawar is located at the foot of Mount Sinabung, Kab. Karo, North Sumatra. With its blue-patterned water, the Lau Kawar lake has an area of approximately 200 hectares, smaller than Lake Toba.

Even though it is smaller than Lake Toba, Lau Kawar has a beautiful atmosphere with lots of green trees at the foot of the mountain which makes it as charming as Lake Toba.

At the edge of the lake Lau Kawar there are not infrequently groups that camp, rest while climbing Mount Sinabung. besides that we can also see some people fishing in the middle of the lake by using a small boat.

25. Gundaling Hill

Gundaling Hill is located approximately 60 kilometers from Medan city. rich on the edge of the city of Berastagi, kab.karo. Gundaling Hill is at an altitude of more than 1,500 meters above sea level.

If you ever go to the tourist area at the top, you will immediately get used to the conditions in Gundaling Hill because the atmosphere is similar to the peak. What is unique from Gundaling Hill is that we can see the panorama of 2 volcanoes at the end of Gundaling Hill.

26. Lingga Village

This village is located in Simpang Empat District, district. Karo. In addition to the Lingga Museum, which has various collections of the Karo Kingdom in the past, there are also historic houses that are more than 250 years old.
The forerunner of the Karo region, said to have originated from this area. This unique village is one of the tourist attractions to see traditional houses that have long been a tradition of the ancestors.

27. Funland Mickey Holiday

Like Dufan in Jakarta, Brastagi has Funland Mickey Holiday. There are various interesting games that we can try, at least 34 pieces. Among them are shoot games, raffling, paint ball, and outbound, and others.
We can play until satisfied at all rides after buying an all in one ticket. Not only rides, here you can also enjoy other attractions such as playgrounds and fun water rides. A variety of restaurants are also available here.

28. Tongkoh Botanical Gardens

You who love the art of growing vegetables, fruits, even ornamental plants, are suitable to visit this one tourist spot. It’s called Tongkoh Botanical Garden. As the name implies, this tourist attraction is indeed located in Tongkoh Village, Brastagi, Kab. Karo.
Along the way on the left and right, Tongkoh Village has many community gardens, including strawberry gardens, Brastagi passion fruit, and Brastagi oranges which can be picked by themselves. Brastagi’s natural panorama is more enchanting with the backdrop of Mount Sinabung and various colors of ornamental plants that meet Tongkoh Village.

29. Bukit Kubu

After passing Tongkoh Village, we will pass a hill called Bukit Kubu. A row of dense pine trees with grass stretches, making this location suitable for family tourism.

Some of the activities that can be done while picnicking in Bukit Kubu include playing kites, riding ATVs and horses, as well as looking at President Soekarno’s transit house during the Dutch era.

30. Sikulikap Waterfall

To reach the location of Sikulikap Waterfall, we have to travel from the Sikulikap Waterfall gate on the left side of the road near the Welcome Gate, in Karo District.

Going down the stairs not far from the gate, it took about 20 minutes. After passing through the forest, then arrive at Sikulikap Waterfall. This 30 meter high waterfall has many cliffs around it. Many use these cliffs for rock climbing.

31. City of Tarutung
This city is one of the centers of religious tourism in the area of North Sumatra, which is also the center of North Tapanuli Regency.
Cool weather and stunning natural beauty in the City of Tarutung has several interesting tourist attractions, including soda water baths named Aek Rara Tarutung.

32. Religius Tourism Salib Kasih

The purpose of building a cross-shaped monument is to commemorate the services and dedication of Dr. Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen who is a missionary from North Germany. The Spiritual Cross of Love Tourism Park was built on Dolok Siatas Barita, Tarutung City.

Entrance ticket is IDR 2,000 per person. This cross reaches 30 meters in height and has decorative lights, so that this monument can be clearly seen from the City of Tarutung.

33. Muara In North Tapanuli

One small town near Lake Toba named Muara. This is a sub-district in North Tapanuli. The beauty of Lake Toba can be seen clearly from here. Different from other cities or regions that are used to see the beauty of Toba.
From Muara we can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba through various angles. Among other things, the beach with a small boat, up a hill, and even going up a little through the highway, Lake Toba has also radiated beauty.

34. Nias Island

On this island is famous for its rock jumping and surfing activities. Nias Island has natural beauty that captivates tourists.

In addition to some of the activities discussed above, we can also visit the Nias Heritage Museum, which has a collection of 6,500 pieces of Nias culture.
Nias Island is also known by its name to foreign countries, just like Lake Toba.

35. Lagundri Beach and Sorake Beach

Sorake Beach and Lagundri Beach are beaches that are still located on 1 coastline in Teluk Dalam District, South Nias. This beach is very famous in the world because the waves are big and very popular with surfers from various parts of the world.

No need to worry if you can’t surf because on both beaches there are many surfing coaches. In addition there are many inns along the coast so we don’t have to worry about having trouble getting accommodation.

36. Aek Sijornih

Aek Sijornih in Batak language means clear water. Aek Sijornih located in Aek Libung Village, Kab. South Tapanuli has 2 small waterfalls that pass through sloping cliffs with lime content.

37. Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is located approximately 80 kilometers from the city of Medan, precisely in Kec. Bohorok, Kab. Langkat. Because it is in a mountainous region full of green trees, the weather in Bukit Lawang is really cool without any pollution like in the city.

The activities that you can do here are trekking, watching orangutans, tubing, and so on. if you want to stay overnight don’t need to worry because there is lodging here.

38. Sipinsur

This spinsur park is located in the village of Parulohan, Kab. Humbang Hasundutan. Here you can enjoy standing on an area of 2 hectares with a height of approximately 1,213 meters above sea level while watching the charming natural scenery. Two stunning views from here are Lake Toba and Samosir Island.

Below the location of Sipinsur is Sibandang Island and Muara City. The tourists will see the beauty of nature starting from the sea, hills and mountains at the same time because it can be seen from a height. This is what makes Sipinsur a favorite family tour to visit. Padang Bukittinggi Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night

39. Pandan Beach

The beach which is located on the coast of Sibolga has rolling blue waves with a soft stretch of sand. This beach is administratively in the area of Pandan Village, Kec. Central Tapanuli, Kab. Central Tapanuli.

The scenery is quite beautiful, the visitors will feel at home for a long time and come back again to enjoy the beauty of the sea which is quite enchanting. Surely this beach will be very interesting to make surfers surf.

There are still many more tourist attractions in North Sumatra that you can explore, such as historical, cultural and culinary tours. Don’t forget to take the time to taste the typical North Sumatra snacks.

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