North West Sumatra Tour 9 Days 8 Nights 2019

North West Sumatra Tour 9 Days 8 Nights 2017

North West Sumatra Tour 9 Days 8 Nights 2019

Dor you who want Sumatra island this is North West Sumatra Tour 9 Days 8 Nights 2017. This package is very suitable for you. Let me explain short history of Sumatra. North Sumatera is one of the provinces in Indonesia located on the island of Sumatera. Where Medan is its capital.

Broadly known as the fourth most populous province in Indonesia. After West Java, East Java and Central Java. This land with 13,5 million habitants in 2014 still has some tourist destinations that offers the charm of tropical forest and its habitants that live in.

Among any other must-to-visit tourist destinations. Tangkahan Stabat Tourist Destination is such a recommended one. Since it explores the nature where population in this province keeps increasing in number. The North West Sumatra Tour 9 Days 8 Nights 2017 is amazing. Because the Tour Programme from North to West of Sumatra island. This Itynerary mostly wanted by our Guests, such as Dutch. Germany, French, Italy, Spain, and many other Countries from arround the World.

North West Sumatra Tour 9 Days 8 Nights 2017  is a Tour packages which is created according to the Customers’ want. We do following the date when you want to come, according to your time available. North West Sumatra Tour 9 Days 8 Nights 2017  is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the Nature, trekking, Tubing, and see The Orang utans and feed them. Beside this we provide longer trip to Explore Wonderfull Sumatra.

As a professional operator for Sumatra Overland tour, we will give you the best services. All drivers are full trained, Tour guides experience almost 10 years who speaks english, dutch,french and japan fluently.

For  more details how we are arranging the programme of North West Sumatra Tour 9 Days 8 Nights 2017, let us see below tour programme.


Upon arrival in KNIA, Meet and greet by Driver / Guide who speaks english. WELCOME TO MEDAN North Sumatra. Baggage proccesing, after leave the airport to Tangkahan. Enroute stop inn Medan down town to see the old Building. Which is built since Dutch Colonialism at Kesawan Square. Tip top old Restaurant, MAIMOON PALACE, GRAND MOSQUE.tThen continue to Tangkahan about 3 hours from Medan city. Check in at noon or Night when arrived.


Breakfast in hotel. Meet up by driver/Guide at lobby, After that we are going to do Elephan ride, Tour 1hour to the Junggle ridding the Elephant, enjoy your day with special moment. After finished we do Elephan washing by your self and take a moment with photos with sweety Elephants in white water in Tangkahan. Back to hotel and check out.

Leave to Bahorok/Bukit Lawang from Tangkahan, We are using Jeep 4WD passing the Junggle bumpy road about 2 hours to reach Bahorok or Bukit Lawang, Arrive at Bahorok or Bukit Lawang at noon, check in hotel. You can enjoy the Natural night life, walking arround a long Natural river, or drink up your pavourit beers by sitting near by the river.
Eco Lodge


Breakfast in Hotel, in the morning at 0700 AM start to trekking 4 hours to the Junggle with our Friendly local guide, feed the Mongkey, then back to hotel by Cubing about 30 minutes.

Arrive in hotel, we are going to check out for Berastagi karo high land. Bahorok to Berastagi takes about 4 hours. On the way passing the villages country side, stop in Kwala to see Traditional market, you can do by your self try buying something as local peoples do normally, and the driver will escort you how to do.

Stop in Binje city for Coffee and Toilet time. Enrout stop in Sembahe river taking photos, visit PAGODA ( the biggest in Asia ) Lumbini Park, arrive in Berastagi visit Flower and fruits traditional market. Visit Gundaling hill to see the view of SIBAYAK and SINABUNG VOLCANOES Panoramic. Back to hotel and Check in. Enjoy your Evening in Karo high land.


Breakfast at hotel, meet by driver/ guide at hotel lobby, Then leave to Samosir island. Enroute stop in TAMAN SIMALEM RESORT.  Enjoy the beauty of Lake toba from the High while you have Lunch here, take your lovely Camera, and start to SHOOT as much as possible. You can see Eco farms, one high tree, after lunch leave to visit Sipiso piso Waterfall at Tongging Village. Tongging is located at south of Lake toba.

Then continue to Samosir island, arrive in Parapat city, cross to Samosir island immediately by Ferry about 45 minutes a way. Arrive in Samosir then check in hotel, enjoy your evening at Samosir island.HOTEL : SILINTONG / HOTEL : SILINTONG / TOLEDO INN


Breakfast in hotel, then start to Explore the Island, the majority tribe is BATAK. Visit Ambarita village to see the STONE CHAIRS of Siallagan king. The stone chairs was used to execute the Peoples who made Criminals. Visit Simaindo to enjoy the Bataknese Ritual dances.

After continue to TOMOK VILLAGE, the king of Sidabutar history at the past, Sidabutar’s family grave, Batak Museum, the rest of time you can explore the Island walking or bicycle on OWN expenses. It can be rented at the hotel. Dinner served at hotel.


Breakfast at Hotel, meet by driver/ guide at hotel lobby, then continue to Sipirok/ Padang sidempuan with view of Marching mountains Bukit barisan.  Stop at Jangga dolok, typical Batak toba village, Pinnaple farm. Stop in Balige traditional market, sulphur hotspring in Sipoholon and others intresting places/spots found on the driving sothern of Lake Toba. In the Aftternoon arrive in SIPIROK/ Padang sidempuan, overnight.


Breakfast in Hotel, Drive to Bukit Tinggi about 8hours, It is the longgest driving distance with great circuit the inner part of Sumatera with the scenery of Mountain’s rivers valley and traditional villages.

Enroute stop at SIJORNIH WATERFALL, SIHEPENG BOTANICAL GARDEN, GOLD SEEKER ( subject to availibility ). Naturally called RIMBA PANTI for observing the Charm Flora Fauna and herbarium BONJOL a moment marking the Equator. In the evening arrive in Minangkabau Region famously for Matrilineal society.


Breakfast in Hotel, Pick up by driver/Guide at hotel lobby, city tour visiting CLOCK TOWER, Jam gadang which overlooks teh colourfull Market, PASAR ATAS, PASAR BAWAH. Dutch fort called DE KOCK, SIANOK VALLEY, and Pandai Sikek a village famous with SONGKET. Songket is Hand woven cloth and wood Carving. Trip continue to Padang Panjang, it is a site of Trditional house in West Sumatera. Visit PAGARUYUNG PALACE in Batu sangkar, at noon back to hotel. Evening there is MINANGKABAU TRADITIONAL DANCE IN THE TOWN ( Optional ).HOTEL : ROYAL DENAI / GRAND MALINDO / CAMPAGO


Breakfast in Hotel, meet up by Driver/ guide then drive to Padang via Anai valley , drop you to Minagkabau Airport in Padang.
TOUR North West Sumatra Tour 9 Days 8 Nights 2017 END, SEE YOU ON NEXT HOLIDAYS.


  • 8 Nights Hotel Accomodations.
  • Daily breakfast.
  • Deluxe Transportation.
  • Professional Driver / Guide English Speaking.
  • Entrance fees.
  • Friendly Local Guide.
  • Daily Mineral water.
  • Fery Parapat to Samosir Island/ Returned.


  • Personnal expenses ( Telephone, Laundry, Mini bar ).
  • Lunch and Dinner.
  • Tipping for Driver / Guide.
  • Insurance.
  • Optional Tours

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