Amazing Parbaba Beach Samosir The Beach On The Lake

Amazing Parbaba Beach Samosir The Beach On The Lake – Maybe you will not believe there is beach on the lake that is Parbaba beach Samosir. Most tourists choose tropical countries like Indonesia. In North Sumatra, you can find Parbaba Beach. Located in Hutabolon Village, Panguruan. This beach has calm water and soft white sand. One thing, Parbaba Beach is not a beach by the sea. Instead, it is part of Lake Toba. How about the beauty? Well, that’s as amazing as the sea. This is a beach on the lake and has attracted many visitors from time to time. Most visitors come from Medan, Pematang Siantar, and surrounding cities.

The best accommodation is located in Tuktuk Siadong. From there, you can reach the beach by public transportation. What makes Parbaba Beach Samosir famous? As mentioned earlier, this beach features stunning white sand. In addition, it also offers a refreshing atmosphere. The waves are not strong, and the wind is soothing. Tourists can sit and relax around while watching the beautiful scenery of Lake Toba. This beach is located in a mountainous area. This is the perfect place to relax and picnic.


Parbaba Beach Samosir also has many large trees. That means tourists can relax under this shady tree. As for the background, there is the famous Pusuk Buhit Mountain. This can be an amazing photographic object. This beach is also suitable for those who like to draw on sand. In short, this beach is famous for its tranquility and natural beauty. Many visitors want to play near the water which also likes soft and white sand. Some of them also want to lie on the beach.

Beach volleyball is also the most interesting sport to do on Parbaba Beach. Because the local government is paying attention to the beach well, many competitions are held here. Tourists also have the opportunity to watch several volleyball matches. In fact, they can join them. For those who don’t like sports, they can enjoy amazing views nearby. This is because the beach is equipped with several facilities such as cottages and local toilets.

Because the waters are calm, this beach is a favorite for many water sports such as swimming, banana boat rides, lake lakes, water bikes, tires or various forms of buoys, etc.

Parbaba Beach Samosir is located near various facilities. It’s easy to find local restaurants and restaurants. The best local food is Ayam Napiandar. Usually, locals only cook it during special events in their village. This food is cooked by mixing chicken blood and Batak pepper or better known as Andaliman. Some people might be horrified to eat this food, but many also like it because it tastes delicious and spicy.

This beach is very calm and comfortable, perfect for a vacation with family. For those of you who want to go to this beach but are out of town don’t worry. We are Bintan Travel have prepared Lake Toba tour from Medan packages for you and your family. You can contact our number here +62 819 828 117 to book our package.

To the location

From Medan or Jakarta you can board a flight directly to Silangit Airport in Siborong-borong, North Tapanuli Regency. From the airport, take a taxi to Parbaba Beach Samosir, Hutabolon Village on Samosir Island.

If you use land transportation, from Medan, you should go directly to Samosir. Once in Samosir, you can use a motorcycle taxi or motorized becak. Parbaba Beach is easy to find. There is even a signpost. If you come from Tomok Village, it takes around 1 hour. The goal is Hutabolon Village. The trip will be quite comfortable. The road has been paved and tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road to the stunning beach of Lake Toba.

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