Recommendations Places for Best Culinary Tour in Medan

Recommendations Places for Best Culinary Tour in Medan
– There are many things that can be done in Medan and culinary tour in Medan is the best, the capital of North Sumatra. In addition to touching the diversity of cultures and natural beauty. Enjoying the culinary delights of Medan is also a matter of not being left out of the list of activities.

Medan is also namely City of Deli Malays, has delicious culinary delights and has increased appetite. Moreover, Medan is famous for Malay cuisine with various spices and herbs. If you go to Medan, try some of the following typical Medan cuisines to make the trip more complete.

1. Bika Ambon

Despite its name, Bika Ambon, this culinary is not a typical Ambon cuisine, but Medan. According to the explanation of M Muhar Omtatok, a cultural observer and historian. The bika ambon cake was inspired by the typical Malay cake Bika or Bingka. Then named Bika Ambon because the cake was first sold and popular at the intersection of Jalan Ambon-Sei Kera Medan.

Bika Ambon itself is made from eggs, sugar, and coconut milk and then given the taste of pandanus, durian, cheese or chocolate. This cake can last up to four days so it can be a souvenir for friends or family at home from culinary tour in Medan.

Currently Bika Ambon can find in various stores in Medan on Jalan Mojopahit in the Medan Petisah area. There are about 30 shops that sell these cakes.

2. Soto Medan

Not complete if you haven’t eaten Soto Medan when you go to Medan. Almost every region in Indonesia has its own unique soup. There are Soto Lamongan, Soto Betawi, Soto Kudus, and other soto. Not inferior to other regions, Medan also has soto dishes. Although both Soto but Soto Medan have different tastes than other Soto.

Soto Medan has a thick yellow sauce with more diverse fillings such as meat, shrimp, bean sprouts, vermicelli, and leeks. Do not forget the cakes and crackers crackers to be a side dish of this soup.

One of the delicious soto shops in Medan is Soto Sinar Pagi on Jalan Sei Deli No 2D, Silalas, District of West Medan, Medan, which was once SBY’s place to eat for culinary tour in Medan.

3. Sidikalang Coffee

It’s best to enjoy this coffee with bread or fried bananas. For coffee lovers, you must know various types of coffee. One of them is North Sumatra coffee namely Sidikalang Coffee.

Sidikalang coffee can be find from the Bukit Barisan area at an altitude of 1472 masl with a high caffeine content. The aroma is unique and it feels addictive. Try to occasionally relax in a coffee shop while in Medan while enjoying the atmosphere there.

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4. Enjoy unlimited durians

Durian is a typical Medan cuisine that cannot be missed when you want culinary tour in Medan. Durian Ucok is the most crowded shop in Medan. For travelers, going to Medan without enjoying durian means the trip will feel less than perfect. Although in various regions in Indonesia there are also durian shops, Durian Ucok is the most popular durian shop.

Not because the availability of durian in the store is abundant but here tourists can choose for themselves durian which will be enjoyed in various sizes, types, and of course the price offered. Foreign and local tourists never forget to attend Durian Ucok.

In addition to durian, here visitors can also order other cuisines such as rujak jambu or heavy food. Durian Ucok is on Jalan Wahid Hasyim No. 30-32, Babura, Medan Baru, Babura, Medan Baru, Medan City, North Sumatra.

5. Kari Tabona

Don’t forget to taste this cuisine. For lovers of curry or gravy food, it is obligatory to try Kari Tabona as culinary tour in Medan. Tabona itself is said to come from the word ‘Tabo ’, which means delicious. This Tabona Curry dish has rice noodles, chicken, potatoes, and beef, which are wash with yellow curry sauce.

Tourists can experience this culinary on Jalan Mangkubumi No.17, A U R, Medan Maimun, Medan City, North Sumatra. Open until 4 pm because it is very popular with visitors so it runs out quickly.

6. Seafood lovers?

In Medan there are very many seafood restaurants for culinary tour in Medan. To Medan without trying seafood, it feels incomplete because Medan is famous for being able to process seafood into delicious culinary.

One restaurant that provides delicious seafood is Hawwi Sari Laut which offers a variety of fresh and fresh seafood choices. The visitors can choose for themselves the fish to be eat and choose the spices you want to use. One of the menus that visitors like most is crab with egg sauce.

To enjoy delicious culinary in Medan you should join in Medan tour package. One of the travel agents that provide this tour package is Bintan Travel. Please contact their number here +62 819 828 117 for further tour package information.

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