Cool Places To Visit In Medan

Merdeka Walk Cool Places To Visit In Medan – There are so many places to visit in Medan! This article will mention some of them. Amazing place only in Medan. Well, let’s see the places!

Here is cool places to visit in Medan :

  1. Hillpark Sibolangit Theme Park

If you wish for a modern vacation site to visit when you are in Medan, this theme park can be put into your list! Medan is rich in not only natural and historical sites but also modern sites. The developer said that the Hillpark Sibolangit is the largest you can find in the island of Sumatra. The park is divided into three themes, which are The Heritage which looks like a medieval castle, The Lost City which looks like a prehistoric site, and Toon Town which is suitable for children. It is open on weekends only.

  1. Café Raya

This might be an ordinary café, and that is true. However, this ordinary café can be one of the best places to visit in Medan if you need to satiate your need for a glass alcohol brew. Since Indonesia is a Muslim country, it is no doubt that finding beer is a hard thing to do. Fortunately, Café Raya serves alcohol!

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  1.  Upside Down World Medan

This place is a unique tourist spot since it makes us get confused by the reality. Everything inside the building is upside down, hence its name. This place is extremely famous throughout the local population since the design of it is “instagrammable”. The tourism spot is open from 11 A.M and closes at 10 P.M.

  1. Merdeka Walk

If you are looking for the place to eat the local foods, this is the best place you can visit! Here, you can find every Medanese cuisine to fulfill your tummy. However, if you are not a fan of local dishes, you can also find western foods here, albeit not too many. Well, those are the best places to visit in Medan!

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