Rent Car Medan Lake Toba Toyota Innova Reborn 6 Seaters –  Cheap rent Toyota Innova Reborn Medan with Quick Process – You live in Medan and surrounding areas and are confused looking to rent a cheap Innova Reborn car in Medan?

Rent cheap Toyota Innova Reborn Medan with fast processing

Price for Rent car Medan Innova Reborn Medan Rp. 750,000 / day including Driver + fuel for use in Medan City, or destination to Lake toba or Berastagi that minimum use is 3 days to these places.

Or … have you ever gotten a car rental service but the process is complicated?

We have a solution for those of you who want to rent an Innova Reborn car in Medan with the best guaranteed car condition, fast and easy process, and of course cheap price.


It is undeniable that the Toyota Innova car is a family car that is very popular.

Not only by family, but also for individuals or even groups of several people. Why the heck is this car so in demand? Of course there are several reasons why Innova cars are very popular.

First is because of the look or look of this cool car of course and secondly, the cabin design is quite spacious so it is comfortable to use including for long trips.

Now, if this car is your dream and you need it right away for a number of purposes, now you can rent it easily and easily.

Innova Reborn Car Rental Services Medan Cheap Quality

Introducing, we are “Bintan Travel Medan ” Rental, a cheap Toyota Innova reborn car rental service in the Medan area and its surroundings.

We have stood for many years and have served many clients who are satisfied with the car rental we have.

In addition, we also have a commitment to provide the best and safest service for you because our satisfaction is our greatest appreciation. The Excellent Medan Driver Guide And Lake Toba Tour


Why should “BINTAN ” Medan Car Rental?

In the Medan area and its surroundings, there may be several other car rental services that you can find. Then why do you have to make our choice.

Medan AUTHORIZED and Registered Car Rental

We are a transportation service provider in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, which is legal or official.

In addition, we are also official so that every service we provide is the best service and also full of responsibility.

Both the car and the driver, all of us have been equipped with letters or documents needed so that it is official and legal.

The Best Quality Medan Car Rental with CHEAP Prices

We are committed to making it easier for anyone to rent a car.

Therefore, we provide cheap or affordable prices, but with service and quality that is not cheap of course.

 Our Medan Car Rental Vehicle is NEWEST

To make you feel safer and more comfortable while traveling, we only use fleets or cars that are included in the new category so that not only is safe, but the car also has good performance.

 Friendly and Experienced Driver

Our drivers or drivers are those who are very experienced and also friendly.

They are also tourism drivers, so they are very familiar with the streets and terrain conditions in the city of Medan and its surroundings, while promoting safety in driving.

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 Easy Medan Car Rental Process and Excellent Service

We guarantee! The process of renting a car in our company is very easy and straightforward.

You will also be served by our best staff who are friendly and experienced so that it will be easier for you to get the type of fleet that best suits your needs.

Whatever your needs, we have various types of fleets that you can rent; ranging from family cars, mini buses, tourism buses, and so on. Contact us to more easily find and know more

Innova Reborn Car Rental at the Most Affordable Price

Toyota Innova Reborn car rental that we rent is a new car, starting from 2017 – 2019.

Even these cars have undergone regular maintenance so that they are safe and comfortable to use.

Then, what is the price? CHEAP!! Only starting from Rp. 750,000 / day, you can make cheap Innova Reborn Medan car rentals with us.

Prices are for use in Medan and include Driver + Fuel

What are you waiting for? Rent car lake toba to meet all kinds of your transportation needs with high quality and low prices, of course.

Now if you are interested in Innova Reborn Rental that we offer, please contact us now and choose your own Medan car rental fleet that best suits your needs.  Cheers..

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