Road To Lake Toba “Monaco of Asia” – Road to Lake Toba “Monaco of Asia”, as one of the wonders of the world. Lake Toba  saves tremendous tourism potential. The scenery of Lake Toba is all beautiful, wherever the eyes look away to the lake everything is beautiful. Moreover Lake Toba and the mountain range are the most beautiful natural paintings by God the Creator.

As one of the wonders of the world, Lake Toba saves tremendous tourism potential. The scenery of Lake Toba is all beautiful, wherever the eyes look away to the lake everything is beautiful. Lake Toba and the mountain range are the most beautiful natural paintings by God the Creator. On Samosir Island we will find other wonders. Similarly just a step away from realizing Lake Toba as “Monaco of Asia“.

In order to develop Lake Toba as a world-class tourist destination such as Bali. The government encouraged the acceleration of the development of Lake Toba to become “Monaco” in Asia. Reviving Lake Toba tourism which was once a favorite tourist destination for foreign tourists in the era of the 1990s. It also was a great hope for the people of North Sumatra, generally Indonesia.

Developing Infrastructure To Lake Toba

The development that will be carried out is by building facilities and infrastructure including infrastructure so that the area attracts local and foreign tourists.

Infrastructure development has begun. Such as the planned construction of the Kuala Namu toll road to Sibolga, the first phase of Kuala Namu-Tebing Tinggi whose progress has reached 83 percent. Airport development is also carried out for local or foreign tourists going to Lake Toba by air.

Widening the runway of Sibisa and Silangit Airports, from the previous 35 meters, to 42 meters. With a longer runway large body planes can land at the airport.

The control and dismantling (KJA) of Floating Net Cages has also been socialized to residents and given a grace period for businessmen to dismantle the cages by the Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs and the government in cooperation with PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) to open the Tigaras-Raya railway to Kuala Namu and Lake Toba.

Why Make Lake Toba as ‘Monaco of Asia’?

The government is not without reason to make Lake Toba as ‘Monaco of Asia’. Monaco is a small country that has become a favorite place of the world, In addition to the prestigious Formula One Grand Prix. With a size of 202 hectares, Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. The size of the area is almost the same as Samosir regency 206,905 Ha.

The total area of ​​Samosir Regency is 206,905 Ha, which consists of land area of ​​144,425 ha and Lake Toba covering 62,480 hectares (30 percent of the total area of ​​Lake Toba). In general, the typology of Samosir Regency is bumpy, hilly and sloping to steep. Of all regions, only 8% are flat (slope 00 – 20) and are located on a plateau (between 800-1,800 meters above sea level). The climate type in Samosir Regency is Type E to C, only the Tele Plain (Kecamatan Harian) has a type B wet climate.

The difference between Monaco and the Lake Toba region. Monaco is on the outskirts of Meditarania sea and Parapat-Samosir Island is on the outskirts of Lake Toba. Monaco and the Lake Toba area have topographic similarity and area. This also makes the Lake Toba tourism development plan mimic Monaco and has the same flag color as Indonesia.

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Lake Toba “Monaco of Asia”
The nine strategic steps to develop Lake Toba include :

1. Firstly speed ​​up the development of air access by extending the runways and Sibisa Air Banda services in Ajibata District, Tobasa.
2. Building a support facility for lodging (tourist resort) in the Lake Toba area.
Building a toll road from Kuala Namu International Airport (KNIA) airport to Parapat.
3. Dredge and deepen the lake in the Tano Ponggol area.
4. Clean the Lake Toba area.
5. Providing a 500 ha Toba area for Eco-Tourism.
6. Make a Presidential Regulation (Perpres) for the Lake Toba Tourism Authority Agency
7. Promote clean, smile for residents around Lake Toba.
8. Promote a complete promotion with a history of the formation of Lake Toba.
9. World-class tourism development in Lake Toba if not handled properly or not planned carefully, can cause damage both environmentally and negative impacts on history, economics and social.

Above all the development of a well-done tourist attraction will produce positive results and good economic income for the local community. But how do we keep the positive more acceptable than the negative.

The community in the Lake Toba region has a very important role, because it inevitably is directly involved in activities related to tourism in the “Monaco of Asia” area. Maintaining the security of the surrounding environment so as to make tourists confident, calm, safe as long as they are in the tourist attraction.

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