Royal Sumatra Golf

Royal Sumatra Golf

Royal Sumatra Golf – Clubs Tips for Beginner

Royal Sumatra Golf is located at jl. Letjend Suprapto, Mangga, Medan Tuntungan, Medan City, North Sumatra 20143. You can visit the whole week from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. The royal Sumatra golf was built in 1998 with 18 holes spread throughout the 84-hectare land. The Medan golf was designed by JMP Golf Design Group which based in California, United States.

Royal Sumatra Golf provide you the best thing from nature. Not only it has many trees around which offer you fresh air, but there’s also river. This specific Medan golf often said to be combination of nature, golf course and modern residence.

If common golf course only gives you hard challenge at the 3 first fairway, this Medan golf will continue give you challenge for the rest 15 hole since it features water hazard. Even for a beginner, this course will give valuable experience that will absolutely promote the skill level. In order to develop golf skills, everyone should know about clubs first especially for a beginner.

Royal Sumatra Golf Things Need To Know

  1. The right and fit equipment is always fundamental for every sport particularly golf. The bag golf can contain as many of 14 clubs. However, if you just an amateur, it’s better to bring a few of clubs since you wouldn’t need to use that many in the learning process.

The essential equipment for beginner may only be a putter, a driver and sand wedge. Sand wedge is a club with the sole of 54 to 56 degrees or you can identify it easily from the “S” mark on the loft. You can complete your equipment with pitching wedge, fairway wood along 6 iron and 8 iron. Those clubs are very perfect for an amateur because they can support you to get airborne easily.

  1. When you are planning to buy clubs for your first experience, it best to visit the larger golf shop. You should ask the salesperson to try 6 iron with regular-flex as well as stiff-flex stick. It is important for you to try the clubs before buying it to ensure you make a good swing with it. If you only guessing, then big chance you will only waste your money.

So, try the clubs and pick one you can swing faster and aggressive. Generally, the two stick is best for beginner since it’s the easiest to control. After consistent playing and you’ve improved your skill, you can do some club fitting to renew your equipment.

  1. In your early learning, you’re advised to choose for more loft on the woods. This will help you to get the ball easier in the air plus it can decrease sidespin, so you will be able to shoot straighter. Keep the suggestion to opt driver with minimum 10 degrees while fairway woods with 17 degrees to start off.
  2. If you already have some research, you may notice that there are clubs specifically made for beginner. It features hybrids for the sole rather than pure iron. These types are easier to hit, so you may should consider to use it. Meanwhile, stick with wide irons sole will lessen the possibility for it to stick the ground if you hit too far from the ball. Read also Medan Golf Package 3D2N.
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