Sumatra Adventure Explore Wildlife Jungle

Sumatra Adventure Explore Wildlife Jungle Gunung Leuser
– Explore the incredible Sumatra adventure experience. Sumatra is the world’s 6th largest island that popular with its wild orangutan population. Almost wildlife habits like Sumatran tiger also in Sumatra rainforest.

Here is the itinerary Of Sumatra adventure :

This adventure will deliver you to the beautiful Leuser Mountain National Park. Bukit Lawang Eco Lodge, Sibayak Volcano, and explore Lake Toba and Samosir Island another is another choice. Those are the best and famous tourist destination in Sumatra. Those destinations offer beautiful natural wildlife experience.

Leuser Mountain National park

First of all is Leuser Mountain National park is the best place for you who want to watch the wildlife of orangutans. You also will be pleasured to watch diverse of the ecosystem in this national park which filled with more than 300 bird species and the endangered tiger of Sumatran.

Bukit Lawang Eco Lodge

If you love to take an adventure in natural wildlife, this is perfect as this provide unique jungle adventure in Sumatra tours package. You will stay and support for the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program. There are a lot of things that you can do on this site such as visit eco farm and act as local in Bukit Lawang certainly. To get the package you can booking in our travel that is Bintan Travel call here +62 819 828 117 and enjoy the vacation.

Sibayak Volcano

Climb into the peak of Sibayak Volcano because we will find the spectacular hot springs. You will love to rest and relax in this place and enjoy the summit. This mountain also the most popular site to climb in Sumatra. In this mount summit, you can see around of Berastagi and countryside. So if you plan to climb Mt Sibayak, go at a drier season in June- August.

Lake Toba and Samosir Island

Finally the Lake Toba is the unique lake with the village island in the middle, Samosir. In this place, you will see the traditional culture and heritage from Batak. You also can see traditional Batak dance live performance there. Visit Stone Chairs, ancient Batak King’s Grave and Simanindo Museum (traditional Batak House). In this Island, you will find that there are many ancient grave sites.

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