Sumatra Overland Tour Package North West 10 Days 9 Nights

Sumatra Overland Tour Package North West 10 Days 9 Nights

Sumatra Overland Tour Package North West 10 Days 9 Nights is one of the favorite tour itynerary. This journey will start from North sumatra then explore the tourist attractions to West sumatra. During 10 Days, you will enjoy the trek in Bukit lawang, Bahorok, Berastagi, Samosir island in Lake toba.

The overland tour we set stay overnight 2 nights in Bukit lawang, 2 nights in Samosir island, 1 night in Sipirok or Padang sidempuan, and 4 nights in Bukittinggi.

Things To Do In Bukit Lawang Rainforest

Bukit Lawang, which literally means ‘door to the hill’, is the name of a tourist place in Bahorok Subdistrict, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province of Indonesia which is located 68 km northwest of Binjai City and about 80 km northwest from the city of Medan.

Bukit Lawang is within the scope of Gunung Leuser National Park which is a conservation area for Orangutans. Bukit Lawang is the gateway to the legendary Sumatran forest. It has slippery terrain, steep slopes and muddy soil.
Exploring the jungle here is an amazing adventure.

Travel through lush forests will certainly be thrilling and will enter the new world. This forest is a dense forest that is attractive, and Orangutans are the main attraction here.

Bukit Lawang is one of the best places in the world to find rare endangered primates. See graceful creatures swinging through tree branches.

This forest is one of the largest communities of Orangutans, where more than 5000 Orangutans live in this region.
The Orangutan rehabilitation center is a place for orphaned orangutans who are trained to live in the wild. This center has been operating since 1973 and until now has attracted visitors from all over the world to catch a glimpse of this amazing creature.

The number of orangutans in this forest has decreased due to illegal hunting, trade in animals and damaged environments.

This rehabilitation center helps Orangutans return to their natural habits by placing them through intensive training before being released into the wild. When these primates return to the forest, the rehabilitation center continues to provide food supplements and routine checks.

When entering the Sumatran forest, we can walk around on foot. Travel through wild and muddy forests, where we can try and catch a glimpse of the wildlife in it.

This place is also home to the most exotic Sumatran animals and animals in the world, namely elephants, tigers, sun bears, leopards and famous orangutans.

We can also climb the hill to see incredible views of the spectacular landscape. For a thrilling adventure, we can feel the swift currents of a wild river. And if you want to settle down or stay at Bukit Lawang, there are a lot of inns that have restaurants, so we can ask the innkeeper to provide food.

Along the river, there are several small cafes, where we can enjoy food such as fruit salad, fried rice and other snacks. Treking at night is one of the favorite opportunities for visitors.

Most visitors choose a two-day trip to be able to have the opportunity to see Orangutans and other wildlife in their natural habitat. This adventure is dangerous for tourists who are alone trekking in the forest so that each trip must be guided by an experienced guide.

Be sure to tell the guide if you want to see certain plants or animals. Make sure to also ask for a guide to visit the bat cave. In addition we are required to leave early in the morning so as not to miss thrilling and rare moments in the forest.

If you don’t want to do trekking at night, you can also ask a guide to travel for a few hours. There are also a number of short trips around Bukit Lawang that do not require a guide or permit.

On November 2, 2003, Bukit Lawang was hit by a flash flood tragedy which caused hundreds of homes and guesthouses on the banks of the Bahorok River to be destroyed.

The event caused a decline in the tourism industry in Bukit Lawang. But at this time Bukit Lawang has again become a favorite tourist attraction, both from local tourists in Sumatra and outside Sumatra, also by foreign tourists.


The Short Legend of Lake Toba

One day, a young man named Toba was fishing. The bait he had been throwing for a long time was eaten by a fish. How surprised he was when he saw a golden scaly goldfish he had gotten.

Finally, Toba who was happy returned home, but unfortunately all the firewood in his house had run out. He kept the fish in a large container and looked for firewood.

Toba came home carrying firewood, unfortunately the fish disappeared, he only found a container containing gold coins. When he entered his room there was a beautiful woman who was combing her hair.

The woman eventually became his wife, but on one condition, that is, he should not bring up the origin of him which is the incarnation of fish.

They are blessed with a son named Samosir. Every day Toba works hard for both of them, but Samosir becomes a naughty and lazy child.

One time Samosir was asked to deliver food to his father, instead of going straight to the fields, he instead played with other friends. Even because he was hungry he ate the food.

Toba who is very hungry waits not to come to come for the lunch he hopes for. Samosir arrived, but Toba was very angry because his son had consumed all the food for him.

Angry Toba hit Samosir saying the phrase ‘the base of the fish boy, to him. Then he complained to his mother, and his mother ordered Samosir to go up the hill, because Toba had broken his promise not to allow his mother’s past.

A very heavy flood flooded the area, his mother jumped into it and became a fish again. His father who did not have time to save himself also sank. Samosir is transformed into an island named Samosir Island surrounded by a lake named Lake Toba.


Sumatra Overland Tour Package North West 10 Days 9 Nights





Upon arrival in North Sumatra,  pick up by driver or tour guide. We will pick you up from KNIA or from the hotel you are staying.

We straight leave to Bahorok, one of the most interesting places in Sumatra because Orang Utan has become the most tourist spot in the province of North Sumatra.

Passing small towns with rubber, oil palm and cocoa plantations which of course some short breaks. Especially if you find an interesting place to stop even to stop photos, just let us know and we stop.

Later the trip will be finished as soon as we reach Bahorok – Bukit Lawang after 4 hours. check-in at Ecolodge hotel.


The North Sumatra tour package will begin to find the most popular iconic North Sumatra tourist forest, OranUtans Sumatra.

The journey to Bukit Lawang Gunung Leuser takes around 3 hours by trek, and will be guided by our experienced Sumatran Orangutan tour guide.

After enjoying watching and taking photos of Orangutans in their area, we will continue the Orangutan tour by walking / trekking to the Bahorok river to continue the journey by tubing ( optional ) about 30 minutes.  Or return walking to your hotel. Free time.


The North Sumatra trek will continue with a trip to Lake Toba in the morning after having breakfast.

We leave to Berastagi, a beautiful mountain city. Along the way, we will have several stops or coffee breaks and also visit Dokan Village, the traditional village of Batak karo tribe.

Then continue the journey to the extraordinary attractions around North Sumatra, the charming Sipiso-piso waterfall. It’s fun to enjoy coffee in the village of Simarjarunjung while enjoying views of Lake Toba and the view of the surrounding mountains.

The tour will continue to the city of Parapat, upon arrival get in  to the ferry / boat across Samosir Island – Lake Toba. And check in at noon at Samosir Cottages or Tabo Cottages at Tuk Tuk.

DAY 4 – SAMOSIR TOUR ( Breakfast / Dinner )

Breakfast at the hotel. Fullday tour around Samosir island.  Visit  interesting places such as Ambarita, to see the ancient court yard of the Siallagan tribe which was originally decorated with stone chairs, stone tables and surrounded by traditional of Batam Toba houses.

Then we will travel further to visit Simanindo village, another tourist spot around Lake Toba to see some traditional Batak dances and visit the Huta Bolon Simanindo Batak Museum. And we will also visit other interesting places around Somosir Island Lake Toba, Tomok Village to see the ancient tomb of King Sidabutar’s graveyard.

Back to the hotel and free time at your own leisure during the day, relaxing and swimming will be a great idea.

DAY 5 – SAMOSIR – BUKITTINGGI ( Breakfast / Dinner )

After get breakfast, the tour  will continue to Bukittinggi West Sumatra. We will spend the night in Padang Sidempuan / sipirok halfway to Bukittinggi.

Along the way, we will visit the Balige traditional market and also a coffee break at Panorama Gurgur, a panoramic view of the south of Lake Toba.

Then lunch break will be in the city of Tarutung. Continue driving to Sipirok village for a short coffee break in the beautiful mountain village. We will travel further and check in at the Padang Sidempuan Mega Permata hotel late at night. Sumatra overland tour north west package 8 days 7 nights.


From North Sumatra we will travel to West Sumatra. Throughout the trip we will stop at several interesting places.

Coffee break in Sihepeng village and lunch break in Kotanopan village surrounded by rice fields. After that we will travel farther across the hostel between North Sumatra and West Sumatra where we will take a break at the Panti hot spring.

Then continue driving to Sumatra Equator Bonjol. We will arrive in Bukittinggi during the day and immediately check in at the hotel, then free programme.


Get breakfast, then Village Tour in Minangkabau. During the tour will find more about Minangkabau culture, traditional houses, traditions and more around Batusangkar Tanah Datar district during your vacation in West Sumatra.

We will travel directly to Pagaruyuang Batusangkar Tanah Datar through the village of Batipuah to visit the old buildings of the Minangkabau mosque (Surau) with original Minangkabau architecture.

Before reaching this village, we will visit Pandai Sikek Village, to see local residents making hand woven (songket) and wood carvings.

Lunch break will be in the restaurant surrounded by terraced rice fields. Later we will travel further to visit interesting tourist attractions around West Sumatra, the city of Batusangkar, to visit the Palace of Pagaruyuang Palace, an impressive traditional Minangkabau mansion.

Then proceed to visit other tourist attractions, Balimbiang village to see traditional Minangkabau houses, especially the Tuo Kampai Nan Panjang House which was built without nails and thatched roofs. An amazing coffee break will be at Lake Singkarak, then travel back to Bukittinggi which takes around 60 minutes drive.

DAY 8 – BUKITTINGGI – MANINJAU LAKE  ( Breakfast / Dinner )

After getting breakfast at the hotel, Sumatra tour package will be continued to Maninjau lake. The tour will find many interesting places around Lake Maninjau during your vacation around West Sumatra.

Plans for the Maninjau Lake tour will start visiting Panorama Park, a place that is neglected from the enchanting Sianok Valley of Bukittinggi (Sianok Canyon is Bukittinggi tourism landmark in West Sumatra).

Then continue driving to Koto Gadang Village, to see local people make traditional handmade silver and then drink coffee at the Panoramic River Landia view.

Then on a further trip to Puncak Lawang, a beautiful top point to overlook the views of Lake Maninjau. Some other tourist attractions in Puncak Lawang are Flying Fox and Parachutting / Paragliding

Continue the trip to Lake Maninjau by traveling through Kelok 44 (road hairpin to Lake Maninjau) and enjoy the beaches of Lake Maninjau while relaxing, having lunch and even swimming.

Then in the afternoon, from Lake Danau Maninjau, a trip back to Bukittinggi which takes approximately 60 minutes to take a coffee break at the beautiful Taruko resort located at the bottom of Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi. And the trip back to Bukittinggi is about 15 minutes drive to reach your hotel.


Breakfast, then visit Harau Valley. It is one of the most impressive tours during your vacation in Payakumbuh, Lima Puluh Kota Regency, West Sumatra.

Travel plans will find the amazing Harau Valley environment because it is one of the most interesting places in West Sumatra that captivates tourists with its enchanting rural atmosphere.

Along the way to the Harau valley, a coffee break at Panorama Tabek Patah after an hour’s drive will be nice.

Enjoy the Harau Valley through the villages of Barulak and Situjuah which are surrounded by beautiful views of terraced rice fields which take around 60 minutes of driving.

Once we reach the Harau Valley, we will find waterfalls around the Harau Valley. Lunch break will be at the bottom of the Harau Valley. And after the lunch break we will further explore the countryside of the Harau valley either by walking around or taking a scenic stroll to discover the hidden beauty of the Harau Valley landscape.

A wonderful afternoon with a coffee break will be wonderful at ABDI Harau Valley with amazing views of the countryside because it will make your holiday in West Sumatra even more extraordinary.

Then at noon, from Lembah Harau the trip back to Bukittinggi which takes about 90 minutes drive.


Breakfast at hotel. Check out hotel, depart to Padang Airport, which takes approximately two hours from Bukittinggi. It is also possible to drive around downtown Padang if you still have a little extra time before returning to Padang Airport. Sumatra Overland Tour Package North West 10 Days 9 Nights will be end after drop you at the airport in Padang. See you on next trip.

Price is Base on / Person in USD.

Price of Sumatra Overland Tour Package North West 10 Days 9 Nights

Price Sumatra Overland Tour Package North West 10 Days 9 Nights


  •  9 Night Hotel accomodation twin sharing
  •  Daily breakfast at hotel
  •  Dinner
  •  Private Deluxe Transportation
  •  English speaking driver ( 2 – 7 Pax )
  •  Tour guide English speaking ( 8 Pax Up )
  •  Trekking 3 hours in Bukit lawang
  •  Daily mineral water
  •  Ferry to Samosir island.


  •  Personnal expenses
  • Tipping Driver / guide
  • Lunch
  • Optional tour.
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