Sumatra Wildlife Tours Unforgettable Adventure

Sumatra Wildlife Tours Unforgettable Adventure – This Sumatra wildlife tours will be great for your next journey.  If you love to take an adventure and explore wildlife. We will sent you to rainforest in Sumatra Indonesia. See wildlife habits so close and challenging.

The Eco-based tourism Community

Since 2010, Wild Sumatra adventure has helped the traveler to experience the eco-tourism in Sumatra. The wildest, mountains and round forest island in Indonesia. With the wildlife tours, tourists are offered to discover the conservation of orangutans and elephants. Trekking to the jungles and mountain in Sumatra.

Bukit Lawang Adventure: Orangutan experience

Based in Bukit Lawang, it gives you an unforgettable moment to spot the wild animals in natural habitat. There are wide ranges of jungle treks and tours that you can choose. Explore North Sumatra rainforest and enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife without disrupting their natural habitat.

Tangkahan: Elephants conservation

Experience to patrol in jungle and washing elephants is the great experience from wildlife adventure in Sumatra. It is a unique and unforgettable moment to follow.

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Berastagi adventure: Mount Sibayak

Berastagi offers a lot of wildlife adventure that suits any budgets. Tourist can take extreme experience such as saving, rafting, climbing as the sightseeing of the natural wildlife. Start to climbing to Sibayak mountain in the morning and get a beautiful view of Sunrise. Next, go to nature hot lake spring in Lau Debuk-Debuk will relax your feet after climbing.

Kerinci Seblat national parks

Kerinci is the largest national parks that offer so many Sumatra wildlife tours for that traveller who dream for experience the wildest thing in Indonesia. If you are lucky, you can see the rare Sumatran Tiger. Kerinci is natural conservation park and the millions of hectare areas located in 4 provinces in Sumatra.

This is home for Indonesian wildlife; include elephants, tigers, gibbons. Also bears, tapirs, leopard and many more.  The trekking to Kerinci is also the more challenging alternative for those who want to find nature adventure of volcanoes in Indonesia. especially in Sumatra wildlife tours.

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