Travelling To Medan From Singapore And Malaysia

Travelling To Medan From Singapore And Malaysia by Batam fast – If you looking for how to travelling to Medan from Singapore and Malaysia. Here some data that can be your guide all to go to Malaysia and Singapore. Or vice versa from there to get here, without using an airplane. From Malaysia or Singapore, you can go to other countries easily, and vice versa.

Apparently according to the latest news, the ferry line between Medan and Pulau Penang has been closed. This might be an impact rather than cheap flights between the two cities.

So, a very possible path travelling to Medan from Singapore and Malaysia is :

1. Tanjung Balai (North Sumatra) – Port Klang / Pelabuhan Klang (Selangor)
2. Dumai (Riau) – Port Klang
3. Dumai – Melaka
4. Batam – Singapore, and also to other cities such as Johor Bahru and Tanjung Belungkor (Johor)
5. Tanjung Balai Karimun – Singapore, and also to other cities such as Kukup and Batu Pahat (Johor)
6. Tanjung Pinang – Singapore, and also Johor Bahru.

The Indomal Express ferry on the Dumai – Malaka route

There is one way to travelling to Medan from Singapore and Malaysia. The Indomal Express ferry serves the Malacca – Dumai and Port Klang – Dumai routes, and takes around 1 hour 45 minutes. Click here to go to the official page. There can be seen schedule and price. Actually there is also a ferry directly to Pekanbaru, but based on rumors that I heard, this line has been closed.

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How from Dumai to other cities in Indonesia ???

You can take a bus or travel. Buses or travel to Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau Province, are quite frequent. The most famous are Sinar Riau, but there are many others. Riau rays and other transportations also go to Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, while ANS buses serve Dumai – Padang and Makmur routes serving the Dumai-Medan route.

Buses that go directly to Jakarta or Java Island only have Handoyo and Kurnia, while Pacitan Jaya Putra only reaches Merak Port. Besides that there is none, you have to go to Pekanbaru first. From Pekanbaru to Jakarta there are various buses such as Siliwangi Antar Nusa (SAN), Pahala Kencana, Sari Harum, and Lorena. The travel time for Dumai – Pekanbaru is around 4-5 hours, while from Pekanbaru to Jakarta it is estimated to be around 35-40 hours.

Other alternatives are from Dumai to Palembang or Bandar Lampung with Indonesia Mulia Indah (IMI) bus, and from Palembang or Bandar Lampung can take a Pahala Kencana bus, Kramat Djati, Sari Harum, or Laju Prima. For the distance, I don’t know for sure. I have not surveyed.

There are still other alternatives. From Dumai take a ride to Simpang Bangko, and from there you can take a bus from Medan such as Antar Lintas Sumatera (ALS), Medan Jaya, Pelangi, PMTOH and others. But the price is indeed more expensive.

Batam Fast ferry route Singapore – Batam

KM Kelud Belawan route (Medan) – Tanjung Balai Karimun – Sekupang (Batam) – Tanjung Priok (Jakarta)

Another alternative travelling to Medan from Singapore and Malaysia is from Singapore. From Singapore to Batam or vice versa, there are various types of ferries such as Penguin, Batam Fast, Indo Falcon, and others. Departing from Singapore can be from the Harbor Front or Tanah Merah Harbor, as I once told. While in Batam, they are based in Batam Center, Harbor Bay, Sekupang, or Nongsa.

There are also ferries from Singapore to Tanjung Balai Karimun such as Batam Fast. From Batam or Tanjung Balai Karimun to Jakarta you can board a KM Kelud boat on the Belawan route (Medan) – Tanjung Balai Karimun – Sekupang (Batam) – Tanjung Priok (Jakarta). From Batam to Jakarta it takes around 1 day (24 hours). Or from Batam to Dumai with MV Dumai Express, then from Dumai you can continue to take the bus. From Batam you can also ferry boats to Pekanbaru, Kuala Tungkal (Jambi) and Palembang, but the information is uncertain.

Another alternative travelling to Medan from Singapore and Malaysia, from Singapore to Tanjung Pinang. From Tanjung Pinang, more precisely Kijang Port, to Jakarta can ride KM Umsini (Kijang route – Tanjung Priok), Sirimau KM (Kijang – Belinyu (Bangka) – Tanjung Priok), or KM Bukit Raya (Kijang – Belinyu – Tanjung Priok). Take about one more day to 5 hours. If you want to avoid Singapore, you can also from cities in Malaysia such as Johor Bahru or Tanjung Belungkor to Batam, Karimun, or Tanjung Pinang.

Using Travel agent in Medan

This article is just a reference for those of you who want to try a new sensation of travelling to Medan from Singapore and Malaysia, avoiding airplanes. If not for forced or chasing time, you should avoid using airplanes. Try other modes of transportation such as ships, buses or trains. And of course, the future of the Sunda Strait Bridge and the Malacca Strait Bridge in the future (sometime) can make it easier for us to travel across countries without airplanes, for a greener, fresher and more beautiful earth.

If you want a tour package to Medan from Singapore or Malaysia. It’s easier if you use the travel agent Medan. Bintan Travel is one of the best and experienced. And it has been officially registered and you can contact the following number +62 819 828 117 for booking tour packages.

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